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Mass Save Contractors Complain About Preferred Vendor

Weatherization and energy efficiency contractors in Massachusetts are protesting changes to a state-wide energy efficiency program they say is sending potential customers to a preferred vendor, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

The complaints center around a program known as MassSAVE, which provides customers rebates when they improve the energy efficiency of their home or business.

Previously, many customers initially learned about MassSAVE through their contractors. The contractors would then assist the customer in applying for rebates for the efficiency improvements they had made. Customers are now required to go through MassSAVE directly for an energy audit prior to receiving the rebates.

The problem is that MassSAVE has itself outsourced the job of responding to customer calls for an audit, in some areas, to Conservation Services, itself a contracting firm. Conservation Services then assigns the work for the audit to either itself or another firm.

Many contractors say that, as a result, Conservation Services is doing the lion’s share of the efficiency improvements that come from the audit work.

Contractors voiced their opposition to the current policy at a meeting of Massachusetts’ Energy Efficiency Advisory Council, and said they are hopeful the policy will be changed.

Some contractors, however, said the new policy is simpler for customers to use and results in higher energy efficiencies than the previous system.

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4 thoughts on “Mass Save Contractors Complain About Preferred Vendor

  1. I absolutely agree with the Mass Save contractors about their complaints, I can tell them and you first hand that similar programs in Rhode Island that sent work to a preferred vendor Like RISE, or Rhode Islanders Saving Energy or Rise Engineering did nothing to help the Insulation Industry and only hurt most all the insulation contractors in Rhode Island since their ;existance, they only served themselves and were absolutely self serving, their only existance was to show homeowners and the general public that they were needed because they were better than ALL the insulation contractors and without them good licensed/registered contractors were only out to do them harm….In rhode Island they started out (so called) non-profit only to go profit and they operate at ABSOLUTE unfair advantage in the industry with connections with the Utilities, I can go on & on but you get the point. There is a better way , more honest and professional and fair to all the good insulation contractors out there!!!

  2. The program allows the fox to protect the hen house. They (Conservation Services) approve of the contract and are responsible for inspect their work. Unfortunately that is not down consistency so the home owner suffers the effect of improper work (shoddy) and pays for a service that does not work. Its criminal!

  3. I happen to work for one of the “privileged” few contractors that Csg uses. And I can tell you , most complaints are true . The property manager sand home owner do well ,but massave and Csg does better . Contractors can only use “approved” led fixtures sold through 1 vender at way over market value . All made in China by who ? I’d like to see where that trail goes , as mass save is willing to over pay for them, I have never again never seen a mass save or Csg inspection on any work done , don’t rock the boat baby we are all make in money hear lol. Lights are billed that are not installed then sent to some property manager as a kick back , it’s brutal. The end user does save money but the little guy pays for it on his energy bill . Have a look , it’s right there on your national grid bill . Scam city baby .

  4. Mass Save itself is a scam. they work together with the contractors and get money from people, contractors like Next step. please stop using Mass Save and do your own search for excellent contractors that will do the work right.

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