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Video: Expense & Data Management for Complex Payables
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Choosing the Correct Emission Control Technology
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One thought on “Pesticide Use in Sustainable Potato Production

  1. CropLife Foundation and Crop Protection Research Institute are simply arms of the chemical and bioengineer crop companies to further their public relations efforts at convincing us all that we need all these chemicals and GE science to grow our food. This is simply not true, especially with all the emerging science of ecological approaches and conventional breeding that are available. This man is charged with protecting these companies’ interests, NOT the public or planet’s interest which are the main elements of sustainability. He twists sustainability to mean whether or not you can increase yield, but that is not sustainability.

    What this speaker is not telling you is that there is a true cost to the use of all these chemicals, and that is to the sterilization of our soils, harm to insects, harm to the waterways and oceans from runoff, harm to the workers who work the fields, and documented harm to our health (just ask Environmental Working Group, NOT the EPA and NOT the lawyer definition as this gentleman states).

    Again, FULLY DISCLOSE who you work for Mr. Gianessi before you start sounding off about how we all need pesticides and more of them.

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