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Shell Seeks to Fill BP’s Green Shoes

Although BP has called off its “Beyond Petroleum” campaign touting the company’s green credentials in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico disaster, Shell Oil seems primed to step into their shoes. The company has launched an extensive new ad campaign in the face of harsh public scrutiny of the entire oil sector.

The campaign, which Shell is calling “Let’s Go,” repositions Shell as an energy, rather than oil, company, with one television spot implying Shell is investing more money on cleaner-burning natural gas than any other oil company. The campaign will be rolled out across TV, print, and online mediums, and also features two new websites: shell.us/letsgo and energygalaxy.com.

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2 thoughts on “Shell Seeks to Fill BP’s Green Shoes

  1. I share the outrage expressed in the comment by Custom Organic Shirts; I only wish I had that enough faith in the “mainstream” media to nurture a fond hope like that – but I believe it’s going to be up to web media outlets like EnvironmentalLeader to make the truth known among “We the People”.

    The vast majority of information folks get – not just in the US but across the globe – is tightly controlled by just seven entities: News Corp, AOL TimeWarner, Viacom, Walt Disney Company, Sony, Bertelsmann Group and Vivendi Universal.

    Here’s a link to illustrate their unparalleled reach:


    Here in our country, GE and CBS round the list. Communications researcher and scholar George Gerbner put it this way:

    “Consider that for the first time in human history a child is born into a home which television is on an average of about seven hours a day. And for the first time in human history most of the stories are told not by the parent, not by the school, not by the church, not by the tribes or community, and in many places not even by the native country, but by a relatively small group of conglomerates who have something to sell.”

    Something to sell, indeed: their selling us to their advertisers. There’s no money in facilitating a critically thinking, politically and socially aware and mobilized population – quite the opposite, in fact – and we can rest assured that, whatever competition may exist between these giants, they are and will remain united in that realization.

    Likewise, we can also consider the recent “reckless” decision by the five “justices” in the SCOTUS – to sever the fraying leash on corporate treasuries and let them sink their teeth ever deeper into our already woefully corrupt election and legislative processes. Already in 2009, for each of our “representatives” there were twenty lobbyists handing out $6.5 million in temptation. Financial firms, pharmaceutical interests, communications entities, fossil fuel conglomerates, insurance companies and “healthcare” providers are now firmly in control of our “democratic republic”.

    As long as we select our leaders through contests of cash and groveling – rather than of accomplishments and great ideas – we’ll continue to suffer under intolerable greed and craven servility.

    I find my last hopes resting on organizations like EnvironmentalLeader to stir the pot and lite fires under our collective rump. Without websites like this oasis, the media desert would be forever lifeless.

    Craig Shields

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