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CO2 is Green Launches Ad Campaign against Senate Climate Bill

C02 is Green, a group with ties to the fossil fuel industry, has launched a new ad campaign in the “The Washington Post” that urges people to call their senators and vote against the cap-and-trade bill, reports the New York Times. The half-page ad says the president’s bill will not change the climate and will increase the cost of living, driving up the price for electricity, transportation, fuel and food.

The group believes that CO2  isn’t an environmental pollutant and is not the cause of climate change.

The New York Times reports that the CO2 is Green spokesman H. Leighton Steward sits on the board of directors of EOG Resources, an oil and natural gas development company, and is an honorary director at the industry trade group American Petroleum Institute.

Ken Green, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute think tank told the newspaper that “the ad is more political than scientific,” sending a message to Democrats that there is a large group who don’t want climate controls and it will impact them in the midterm elections.

USA Today reports that the ad campaign is part of a lobbying campaign aimed at defeating the climate bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As an example, Tesoro Corp. and Valero Energy Corp., both of San Antonio, Tx., have spent a combined $1.5 million or 79 percent of the funds collected in an effort to overturn California’s AB 32, which seeks to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2020, and may mark the beginning of a massive spending campaign by companies which have little or no economic interest in California. Although the legislation only impacts California, the measure could have a significant effect throughout the country.

David Di Martino, spokesman for Clean Energy Works, a coalition of about 60 groups that want climate legislation, said in the article that in addition to Steward the organization is funded by Corbin J. Robinson, chief executive of and leading shareholder in Natural Resource Partners, a Houston-based owner of coal resources.

Di Martino, citing figures from the CBO, says the Senate bill will reduce the country’s deficit by $20 billion and will create new jobs.

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8 thoughts on “CO2 is Green Launches Ad Campaign against Senate Climate Bill

  1. Hopefully we’re reaching the last panicked gasp of the fossils in the fossil fuel industry. This campaign relies totally on the double stupidity of people who spout only the dogma of others and the Congressmen who think they will long enough to get re-elected.

  2. How can you say “The group believes that CO2 isn’t an environmental pollutant and is not the cause of climate change” after acknowledging that the group has ties to the fossil fuel industry?

    The only thing the BELIEVE in is profit.

  3. Of course C02 is a natural gas and concentrations have been much higher and lower in the past. Anyone with a basic science understanding knows this. Anyone with modeling experience also knows a theory is not confirmed by a computer model. Our understand of climate science is still very immature and we a being stupid to penalize ourselves ‘just in case’. That is a religious approach. Repent now; what if your chosen god is true!

  4. The overwhelming paleoclimate evidence from around the globe is that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), the Roman Warm Period and the Minoan Warming were synchronous, world wide and much warmer than today.

    However, the MWP deniers, such as the IPCC and the US EPA, will never admit the existence of the MWP because it means that their religious-like belief in AGW is exposed for the steaming pile of junk science that it truly is.

    In total, climate change is complex and not well understood.

    But this part is simple.

    Since the world was warmer when CO2 levels were lower, CO2 cannot be the earth’s temperature regulator.

    In the past, the Earth was warmer than it is today; before the social and industrial advances that have made modern people the healthiest and most prosperous in history. MWP deniers want us to believe that plant friendly and life giving CO2 is a bad thing to better advance their meglomanical desire to both boss around the developed world and further impoverish the poor while pocketing a lot of taxpayer money along the way.

    Useless, misguided attempts to control carbon are not the answer to the ever changing climate.There is only one answer to changes in climate that has ever worked for humanity.

    That is adaptation.

    One of the many links to the overwhelming Paleoclimate evidence of the global nature of the MWP is below.


  5. This is democracy with all its inherent flaws in action. Although I am not a fan of big business lobbying for political action to advance or maintain their interests, it is their right under the current democratic framework to do so.

    There will be lots of more of this type of propaganda to obfuscate the issue with a view to derail the Climate Bill. Hopefully common sense will prevail and senators will vote with their conscience.

  6. Climate change science is debatable? but I am all for actions that will help develop clean renewable energy sources and decrease our dependence on the dirty fossil fuel industry.

  7. Mark,

    You can help common sense to prevail by contacting your senators and asking them to support the bill. That too is democracy in action.

    Now is a great time to add your voice to the push, in view of the sort of disinformation being spouted by the CO2 is green club (is that anything like the Mickey Mouse club?).

    I agree with those who claim that the current bill is likely too mild. But, despite any specific weaknesses that it may contain, the bill will have a non-zero effect on climate.
    Weaknesses and all, it is probably about the best that the US government can be expected to deliver. A few tiny steps at a time is breakneck speed in a Washington that is chock-full of special interest group lobbyists seeking to delay, baby, delay.

    I hope everyone calls, emails, or writes their Senators to tell them to support this bill. That’s basically the only way to counteract some of that big-money lobbying that’s going on.

    And then next year, or the year after that, we can come back to the table to try and get a few more baby steps accomplished.

    Please, call your Senators. Let’s each do what we can as individuals to ensure that the Senate passes this bill.

    http://www.senate.gov – use the search box at the upper right to find your senators. It’s that easy.

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