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Google to Buy 114 MW of Wind Energy

Google has signed an agreement to buy 114 megawatts of electricity from wind power generator NextEra Energy Resources, according to a company press release.

The energy is being produced by NextEra’s 150 MW Story II Wind Energy Center in Iowa. According to a report on CNET, the 20-year agreement represents part of Google’s effort to go carbon neutral. According to the Guardian, Google will then use the revenues generated by reselling the electricity to purchase renewable energy credits, with which it will offset its carbon emissions. Bloomberg news reported that the company has agreed to pay NextEra at a predetermined rate for the power, but did not disclose terms.

The Google Energy subsidiary was formed in December last year, and its energy purchase agreement with NextEra represents the company’s first deal. The company plans to resell the electricity on the spot electricity market.

Google said the long-term nature of its contract with NextEra will also provide a solid base of support and confidence from which it can continue to invest in new projects.

NextEra currently has nearly 700 wind turbines in operation in Iowa with a nameplate capacity of more than 1,000 megawatts that are capable of generating enough power to serve more than 250,000 average homes.

Google’s aim is not limited to wind. According to PC World, the company has also invested more than $10 million in geothermal projects as well. It has also said it wants to expand the capabilities of its smart metering software technology to include the ability to track natural gas and water consumption, in addition to electrical demand. And the company recently said it would partner with Integrated Environmental Solutions to provide building performance and analysis tools to users of Google’s SketchUp 3D modeling tool.

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One thought on “Google to Buy 114 MW of Wind Energy

  1. Combine this brilliant move with the advent of the rechargeable electric car production now afoot in Asian countries ans well as the Volt and you have a formula for a better chance for the average American patriot to survive with personal electric transportation as opposed to without personal transportation as oil prices skyrocket to satisfy the huge Chinese demand for gasoline as it dwindles in this world, prices skyrocket. The Corporations stole the EV-1 from the patriot – Google, torrent, the movie,”Who Stole The Electric Car” and see the three moving part, decades serviceable, rechargeable, car get put to the Capitalists hammer-mills! Boy! Did average Joe citizen, the Patriot get fucked up the ass on this one! A car that ran on electricity, had only three moving parts in its electric power-train and had batteries that recharged for more than ten years reliably! Google will bring the promise of the rechargeable battery car back to life as it is the best ballast ever for Solar, Wind, Wave, power ever! Toyota’s RAV4 EV is scheduled for a return and needs all the overnight charging and peak production charging it can get! Asians know America’s dilemma, even if Americans can’t see it! The astounding paradigm shifts in america about to occur will change the world forever – America will go from Foreign oil energy based economy to a domestic electric economy very shortly and very quickly and the average Patriot will benefit in the end with cheaper transportation and cleaner air – the uber-rich oil barons may not fare so well! Tey will lose it all in the scramble for cheaper energy from Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal Geothermal and Nuclear sources – all electric sources – hence the rechargeable battery car as king of the road and the advent of Nuclear =/electric suorced electric bullet train networks as found in China, up and running, complete with social infrastructures, producing goods with Nuclear energy for America! America has much catching up to do to match China and there are still other Asians with better ideas!

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