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New Aerodynamic Truck Designs Could Cut Fuel Costs

The scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are testing new drag reduction devices that could one day make large trucks more aerodynamic, SmarterPlanet reports. The new truck designs will provide trucks more fuel efficiency, possibly saving the trucking industry as much as 10 billion dollars in fuel costs.

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4 thoughts on “New Aerodynamic Truck Designs Could Cut Fuel Costs

  1. As is often the case, we need to put this into perspective.

    Average fuel use for the trucking industry is around 6 miles per gallon.

    I’ll bet that the efficiency improvements being investigated here amount to less than a 10% savings. And it’s probably closer to just a few percent. Even if LLNL can achieve those savings, we would still be stuck with a trucking industry fuel use figure of around 6 miles per gallon.

    The right way to approach this is to completely rethink our propensity for shipping such large volumes of various things over such large distances, using such an inefficient method of transport.

  2. Question 1: Why waste so many resources in inventing something instead of looking over to Europe, where they have way more effective and efficient truck technology: Examples: Volvo, DAF, Mercedes Benz, etc.
    The trucks run about 12-15 miles per gallon or more…
    Question 2: I agree with Doug, but have to ask – how??? The infrastructure is way to old and inefficient compared to todays needs, and who is going to invest???

  3. There are quite a few different things drivers can do to improve mileage efficiency, but from a business perspective GPS tracking technology is one of the best ways of reducing waste such as poor route management and excessive idling

  4. European trucks are smaller and haul less on older and narrow roads off highway. North America suppliers and resources are not in every state hence the need for long distance transport. Big oil still has the strangle hold on policy and our “politicians”! A 1996 Ford heavy (class 8) hauler was more aerodynamic then most rigs made today. What happened to the pre-millenium progress? Why can Paccar make a hybrid mid size rig and not a heavy truck? I drive a 19 year old car that gets 30 MPG, show me a modern pick-up that can compete.
    Most cars still can’t and all I hear in ads is 0 to 60 times, WHY?

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