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US Chamber Sues EPA to Challenge GHG Endangerment Finding

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday filed a lawsuit that challenges EPA’s rejection of its petition for reconsideration of the agency’s 2009 endangerment finding that greenhouse gases threaten humans, E2 wire reports.

The finding forms the foundation for upcoming EPA rules limiting emissions from power plants, factories and other sources that are opposed by several business groups.

“The U.S. Chamber, policymakers, numerous trade groups, state governments, and businesses throughout the country have collectively raised strong concerns about the significant negative impact the EPA’s endangerment finding will have on jobs and local economies,” said Robin Conrad, executive vice president of the U.S. Chamber’s National Chamber Litigation Center, in a prepared statement.

“The Chamber’s lawsuit challenges the wisdom of regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, which simply was never intended to regulate something as complex as global climate change. (…) The EPA itself has admitted that regulating climate change under the Clean Air Act would create an ‘absurd’ result,” Conrad added.

The chamber filed for judicial review in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

EPA in late July rejected petitions from the Chamber, states of Virginia and Texas, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, coal giant Peabody Energy Corp. and others seeking to overturn the finding.

The agency rejected claims that the “climate-gate” controversy and minor errors in a landmark UN report on climate change had undermined scientific conclusions that the earth is warming due to the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities.

“These petitions — based as they are on selectively edited, out-of-context data and a manufactured controversy — provide no evidence to undermine our determination. Excess greenhouse gases are a threat to our health and welfare,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said at the time.

Recently, several chambers of commerce throughout the U.S. have broken with the national chapter to support market-based mechanisms to price carbon, much to the dismay of the national chamber, according to oilprice.com.

The Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy (CICE), led by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, has  adopted five core principles, including that businesses must be part of the solution to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and that market-based solutions produce the best results.

Rob Black, vice-president of public policy at the San Francisco Chamber told oilprice.com that the group’s main objective is to work with federal legislators to shape a carbon reduction program that sends clear signals to the market about where to invest R&D dollars.

But their efforts have drawn criticism from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which sent a letter in late July to local chambers that accused CICE of being established by an environmental group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, not an organic movement led by the San Francisco Chamber.

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4 thoughts on “US Chamber Sues EPA to Challenge GHG Endangerment Finding

  1. I don’t trust scientists now any more than I trust your brothers and sisters in the political ranks. Scientists can’t be trusted thanks to climate change and you scientists are no different from alter boy abusing priests and the Bernie Madoffs of the world.
    We curse each and every one of you criminal liars.
    Voters dictate public science policy, not you criminal lab coat consultants of modern day witch burning.
    Climate Change is YOUR Iraq War of WMD’s.
    History cures you all for this fear mongering.

  2. The “the significant negative impact the EPA’s endangerment finding will have on jobs and local economies” is the typical “fear mongering” that some business leaders in the US continue to promote. The industrial barons of times gone bye said the same thing when child labor laws were introduced. Instead of hurting our economy, the EPA rules will move businesses into a more accurate and sustainable economic model in which the true environmental and social costs of doing business are counted. We cannot continue to take resources from the Earth and cheap labor from other countries without rolling the negative effects of these actions into the cost of the products we consume. Germany has some of the most stringent environmental and social policies in the world and they are recovering from the economic down-turn faster than any other country.

  3. yah, all us scientists are in cahoots! we even have orgies together!

    lol, how old are you? to have that type of group consensus would be incredible

    *heads back to secret lab to devise new strategies with all of the world’s scientists* =D

  4. Too late to appeal, the legal standard for review for an administrative ruling based upon health, safety, and welfare cannot be overcome. It is just a waste of time and resources. Better to prepare for administrative CAA regulations on emissions, because the climate bill did not pass.

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