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Democrats, Republicans Disagree on Effects of Energy Use

Generational and political gaps exist in connecting personal energy use with living conditions in other countries, according to new U.S. consumer research conducted by EnviroMedia Social Marketing.

According to the national telephone survey of 1,022 Americans, 43 percent disagree and 49 percent agree with the statement, “My personal energy use affects the health and living conditions of people in poor, developing countries.”

The study shows nearly three out of five Republicans (58 percent) disagree with the statement while slightly more than one out of three (37 percent) express responsibility for the effects of personal energy use. This contrasts sharply with Democrats’ views, where 28 percent disagree with the statement and almost two out of three (64 percent) express responsibility.

The new research shows 60 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds believe their personal energy use affects others globally.

When asked “Is coal a renewable energy source?” 25 percent of Americans said yes and another 15 percent said they didn’t know.

The 60 percent of Americans who correctly said coal is not a renewable energy source skewed toward males, household incomes of more than $100,000, and a college education.

The survey also asked Americans, “When you turn on a light switch at home, what fuel is the source of your electricity?” Nearly two-thirds of Americans didn’t name a fuel source like coal, natural gas, or wind, with 45 percent saying the fuel source is “electricity” or “the electric company” and another 19 percent saying they don’t know.

EnviroMedia is reporting the latest from COP16 at http://www.GreenDetectives.net/.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats, Republicans Disagree on Effects of Energy Use

  1. Should we leave it up to the government to decide how we use our energy? I thought we are born on the land of the free. But in any case we should be responsible for our own waste of energy and how to improve on it. We as Americans consume more than any other country and waste more too. We should all start from home, then to work and save with all the energy solutions and technology out there.

  2. “Leaving it up to the government”, in the case of the United States, is equivalent to ‘leaving it up to ourselves’. After all, we are supposed to be living in a country where the government is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. That is, a representative form of government.

    The question is not between our freedoms and our government. Our government is our freedom. Therefore, any governmental actions, laws, taxes, or whatever; that are crafted in response to anthropogenic global warming, are in effect nothing more than the American people choosing to respond.

    I see a constant casting of the argument as a choice between our freedoms and our government. This casting appears on FOX talk shows, in (mostly) republican statements, and in many other places. But this casting is fundamentally wrong. Opponents of action to address AGW are merely confusing the true issues with this type of nonsense.

  3. Freedom and energy have no parallel. And trust me, you are not as free as you think…
    Refer you to today’s leaks from wikileak, and also a movie, The New American Century, to learn the price for your freedom.

  4. No one is suggesting that life, or freedom, or solutions to AGW; are simplistic. I fully understand the barriers to truly representative government: overly influential special interest lobbies, corruption, demagoguery, sheer human stupidity and gullability, etc. But I stand by my original statement that U.S. freedoms are rooted in our form of government – period. There is no other source of freedom than that. And the above-mentioned ‘warts’ on the political process have not erased the underlying representation that the government affords – they mostly just impede it, usually on a temporary basis. Over the longer term, representation generally trumps those impediments.

    I never claimed that freedom and energy have any parallels. I don’t even know what you mean by that remark.

    I have been disappointed to date with the US gov. response, or lack thereof, to AGW. I ascribe that deficit to the impediments noted. But I believe that the will of the people to finally address our environmental concerns will eventually win out in the form of gov. policies and laws. It isn’t happening fast enough for me, but it will happen someday.

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