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Kraft Foods Commits to Buy One Million Cage-Free Eggs

Kraft Foods has agreed to purchase one million cage-free eggs from its supply chain in 2011, reports The Humane Society of the United States.

“Kraft Foods’ decision coincides with the national movement away from using cruel and inhumane cages to confine laying hens,” said Josh Balk, corporate outreach director of The HSUS’ factory farming campaign, in a statement. “The company should be applauded for taking animal welfare seriously by purchasing cage-free eggs, and we hope others in the food industry follow its lead.”

The Humane Society notes that several restaurant chains, including Subway, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Quiznos, Golden Corral, Sonic, and Burger King, already have made the switch to use cage-free eggs. In April, EL reported that McDonald’s was opposed to a proposal that would require the fast-food chain to buy five percent cage-free eggs for its restaurants in the United States.

In addition, Wal-Mart’s and Costco’s private labels only use cage-free eggs, and both Unilever and Sara Lee are phasing-in cage-free eggs.

The states of Michigan and California have passed laws to outlaw cage confinement of hens, and Ohio’s governor announced his support for a moratorium on the construction of any new cage layer facilities, according to the Human Society. California also recently enacted a law that requires all whole eggs sold statewide be cage-free by 2015.

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8 thoughts on “Kraft Foods Commits to Buy One Million Cage-Free Eggs

  1. The California law does no such thing. It absolutely does not guarantee “cage free” conditions for all chickens. You need to stop simply repeating what HSUS told you and do your own research. I suggest the googles.

    Prop 2 required that chickens be able to turn around and fully stretch their limbs – there is absolutely nothing in the law requiring cage free conditions. It was only after the Proposition was passed that HSUS changed it’s position from “humane” caging to cage free. Pretty typical for HSUS, put one thing on the ballot, lie to the voters, demand something completely different once it becomes law.

    It also doesn’t apply to ALL chickens. AB1437, signed by California’s Governor at the behest of HSUS, requires that eggs sold in the shell come from chickens kept according to the vague, undefined rules of Prop 2. There is nothing in AB1437 that requires cage free. Further if the egg product is not sold in the shell, you can continue to house chickens in the same old battery cages that HSUS claims to have banned.

    So I have to wonder, are HSUS lawyers that sloppy, or was it the plan all along to lie to the voters.

  2. Things you should know about “cage-free”:
    1> a sudden noise will startle them and they will all rush to the corner – suffocating any that get there first!
    2> chickens don’t fly unless scared.
    3> eggs are dropped wherever the chicken is when the urge hits – meaning, the semi-permeable eggshell can allow salmonella and other bacterias to pass through – IF they land in chicken poop, which is highly likely.
    4> a small sore will cause the rest of the chickens to peck the affected one – TO DEATH!

    SO – if you don’t know anything about chickens, you should now!!!! NOT safe!!!
    The agenda of H$U$ is to separate humans from the rest of the animal world – completely!!! No animals – no animal products – no meat, animal protein, or even wool!!!

    Believe H$U$ and you are believing a SCAM – less than .5% is used for the animals!!!

    Wake up America!!! They LIE!!!!

  3. It’s wonderful to see our society evolving into such a compassionate planet. We do not live on this planet alone. Everything has a place and deserves respect. THANK YOU KRAFT!

  4. I totally agree with Theresa and animal lover. HSUS is out do away with eating meat,eggs and dairy products, fishing, hunting, research with animals, circuses, rodeos and pet ownership. When you start to see your grocery bills sky rocket – don’t blame agriculture, take a look in the mirror.
    A very large portion of hsus donations go towards legal battles against all of the above.

  5. I do wish Humans would stop anthropomorphizing! Whether it is chickens, dogs, cats or fish – they do not think or emote like humans! So stop it and give animals the respect they deserve. As for chickens, become informed about chickens before rushing to think that “free range” is the way to go. How much land are you willing to donate to these free ranging chickens? Hmmmm?

    HSUS stock in trade is to capitalize on just that – stupid humans that anthropomorphize. HSUS agenda is to stop pet ownership, to end animal husbandry. And there are tens of thousands of humans being led blindly to the slaughter…

  6. Thank you Kraft, for helping Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle with his “intensive confinement” issues. Like your lucky new chickens, Humane Wayne was “built to move.” From state townhall meetings to the halls of Congress to Hollywood galas and Michael Vick humane education speeches, Pacelle goes first class, often in limos, lately by private plane. He has much more than enough room to turn around, extend his limbs and laugh at the little people who respond to his tragic animal abuse stories and guilt gifts with their hard earned money.

  7. What this report fails to state is how many eggs Kraft uses overall. I
    would guess many, many millions annually, so one million in a year isn’t
    even so large as “a drop in the bucket.” I just hope HSUS doesn’t turn
    against Kraft when this statistic is revealed!

  8. Even if the HSUS is lying and are merely out for their own monetary and political benefit, why would you want to abuse any animal or living thing? Furthermore, yes, HSUS and other groups like it want to make pet ownership, the eating of meat, etc illegal in America, but what about groups like the NRA that represent the polar opposite point of view? Are they evil too? They represent fundamentalists also. It is my belief that we need both groups and both opinions if we are to live in a balanced, fair country.

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