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Disney Slashes Pooh’s Packaging

Disney has changed the packaging of the 12in Winnie the Pooh Plush by Dream, cutting packaging waste by 80 percent.

As a result, Disney has awarded its  Consumer Products’ 2010 Quality Product Award for Sustainability to Clean Agency for its support in the package redesign.

In support of the package redesign, Clean conducted a life cycle analysis of the original package to understand its impact on the environment and to identify key areas for improvement. Disney Toys package designers then found ways to create less waste, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The package change takes the plush doll out of an open box and sits him in a saddle.  The branding information is moved from printing on the open box to a small paper label that attaches to the doll as a tag. With the saddle design, the doll maintains the same sitting pose on the shelf.

The primary packaging material remains the same —corrugated cardboard— but less of it is used in the new design.  Across the annual sales volume for this one toy, that’s nearly 8 metric tons less cardboard used.  On a lifecycle basis, the material savings translates into nearly 10 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions avoided.

The cube utilization is also increased with the redesign, so there are also likely to be reduced impacts in transportation and an improved product to package ratio.

Nominations for the annual Disney Consumer Products 2010 Quality Product Awards were made by each of the DCP’s lines of business and were evaluated by the senior DCP leadership team.

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2 thoughts on “Disney Slashes Pooh’s Packaging

  1. Forgot to mention that the new package has no printing on it. If you look at the old one it was total covered in color printing, especially behind Pooh where there is a forest scene.Knowing the toxicity of inks I am sure this is a big saver as well. Now if they could just do this with every toy and every other manufacture could follow suit…

    On a side note, not looking forward to the daunting task that has become getting Christmas toys out of their packaging. There is so much damn tape, elastics and metal tie-wraps holding items to the packaging that you can work off the entire Christmas dinner just undoing it all. And yes people before you jump all over me I try to buy items with the minimum packaging as possible, but we all know that is not possible all the time.

  2. Are the Winnies shipped as is as well? Meaning they don’t arrive in plastic bags or anything? Just wondering how they keep him nice and clean through transport and distribution.

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