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Obama Energy Czar Quits; Policies In Doubt

Carol Browner, President Obama’s top adviser on energy and climate change, is leaving her post.

Two White House officials confirmed the move Monday, the Associated Press reports.

Both USA Today and the New York Times say Browner’s departure indicates that the Obama administration is putting its environmental ambitions on ice, at least temporarily.

Browner, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator, was charged with directing efforts to pass comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction laws. The bills failed, and Obama has said Congress is unlikely to pass any major climate change legislation in the next two years, the Times reports.

Browner’s departure comes just as a Republican-led House of Representatives plans to challenge Obama over his global warming policies and his response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the AP says.

She will leave within a few weeks, CNN said, and will return to the private sector, according to the Times.

Under her tenure, the federal government created nationwide fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, and the EPA instituted regulations on greenhouse gas emissions – a move forced, at least in part, by the failure of cap and trade legislation.

Browner also helped to coordinate the White House’s response to the BP oil spill.

An anonymous White House official told the AP that Browner was “pleased” with the energy commitment Obama is planning to announce in his State of the Union address tonight.

Picture: President Obama being briefed on the Gulf oil spill, May 2, 2010.

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9 thoughts on “Obama Energy Czar Quits; Policies In Doubt

  1. This is terribly disturbing news. While countries like China and Germany are embracing sustainable business practices, the US is locked in partisan squabbles instead of moving toward climate legislation. As we emerge from the Great Recession, green business is on the rise because it saves money and responds to consumer demand. Investments made to existing companies should be put toward developing technologies and products that support a healthy future for the entire planet. I feel that without a climate bill, the most environmentally harmful companies will try to grab as much profit as they can using their current, often extremely polluting, systems and only change their operations when the government forces them to do so. Now is the time for strong leadership that will work on climate laws which will benefit both businesses and citizens. Unfortunately, I agree that Browner’s resignation makes this very unlikely.

  2. Oh no! We are going to have global warming, or maybe it’s OBOY, it’ll atart to warm up in New York; oh that’s right it’s because of “Climate change” that it’s freezing here.
    someone unfreeze my car from its canopy of ice, please.

  3. No suprise, we have a congress that would rather give tax cuts to the wealthy than build a low carbon economy that would create jobs. But thanks Matt and Nancy for the tax cut!

  4. I wish we could arrest the news editors for lying to us about climate change and for all the needless panic it caused.
    A Plea From A Former Believer. The planet is not dead.
    Continued belief in Catastrophic Climate Change, is dividing environmentalism, if not all of progressivism as well. I can no longer look my kids in the eyes and tell them they won’t have kids of their own if they don’t’ start turning the lights off more often. I’m sick of the guilt I’m forced to administer to my kids to help to SAVE THE PLANET! Issuing CO2 death warrants to our children has made neocons out of all of us and besides, we all know climate change was just an exaggeration that got away on us. If you truly love the planet and your fellow human beings, at least be happy and relieved that the horrific consequences of a CO2 crisis where all judged wrong. That doesn’t mean pollution is right. Separate the two. Remove the CO2 factor from the equation and continue stewardship of the planet anew we former believers say. Has anyone considered that it was the polluting scientists and their chemicals that made modern day environmentalism necessary in the first place? There is a wave of former believer rage folks spreading love, optimism and courage as well as GREEN. Let us pull the spear of fear from our children’s backs. Climate change was our Iraq War.

  5. if things go well there is a product going to be produced that will cut fuel usage by 20% and cardon emmisions by 75%, it has one moving part and works with fuels today, it also generates and stores elecicity and will be the size of a tennis ball

  6. No sound business would risk its own health in the way most are so willing to risk the health of our environment. Don’t look for the sky to fall. Environmental impacts are subtle. But very powerful. The lack of commitment to reduce pollution that has already been shown to impact our climate is more risk than I am willing to bear. And it is more than any company is willing to bear on its own. But when it comes to the common area, where everyone needs to take responsibility, companies have failed. We will pay the price one way or the other, either a small cost up front or a much larger cost to clean up the problems we create by not addressing them up front. We have seen this pattern over and over and over. Who is listening? Who is paying attention? It is easy not to do so when the problem is one of the commons, and not one of each individual company. But we will pay one way or the other. I prefer to pay a smaller amount up front.

  7. Mixed messages, don’t you think? This came despite the increased clean energy budget plan announced in the State of the Union address. So, Browner’s resignation maybe a setback or it may be only a speed bump. In the end, let’s face it, that’s up to us: The Voters. I’m tempted to say, “Let’s stop wondering about it and do something positive t influence it’s impact on momentum.”

    For Example: Has anyone e-mailed his/her senators, congressmen/women, or the president? It’s do-able, commendable and this is the time, folks.

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