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Panasonic Launches Household-Level Energy Management Project in Singapore

Panasonic Corporation has launched a two-year pilot energy project with the government of the Republic of Singapore to collaborate on the development and testing of a comprehensive household energy solution at Punggol Eco-Town.

The households, ten units within a Housing & Development Board (HDB) apartment complex, will participate with the goal to cut energy consumption by up to 75 percent, and through the program learn to better adjust their usage to cut consumption and costs, the company said.

The homes will be retrofitted with a system called the Home Energy Management System (Hems), which will monitor and display the electricity, water and gas-usage patterns of each household, according to Singapore’s AsiaOne News.

The project, which will begin in January next year, is the result of a partnership between Japanese electronics giant Panasonic and Singapore’s Energy Market Authority, Economic Development Board and HDB, AsiaOne News said. The project will begin in January next year.

In this project, Panasonic will implement its “total energy solutions,” an energy system that includes rooftop photovoltaic systems and lithium-ion batteries to create and store energy. Each household will have a smart meter and an in-home display (IHD) so that participants can gauge usage. Demand response will be achieved through Smart Energy Gateway (SEG) which connects the smart meter and home appliances, such as air-conditioners, the company said.

In the event of a power outage, the project plans call for the solar system and batteries will also serve as a backup energy source for lighting in the common areas, elevators and water pumps installed in the building.

The public-private initiative partners Panasonic with three Singaporean agencies, the Economic Development Board (EDB), the Housing & Development Board (HDB) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA), Eco-business.com said.

Photo: HDB

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2 thoughts on “Panasonic Launches Household-Level Energy Management Project in Singapore

  1. The video above is fear-mongering nonsense. The technology to monitor our habits and behaviors already exists, so nothing new there.

    People can already be monitored undetected by gov’t and private detectives, stalkers, etc. So through extensively wired and sophisticated tech, this MAY make it slightly easier to wire it into a home.

    So, imagine every home in America having a smart meter. We would be reminded and conciously aware of energy usage (and production, if applicable) as often as we desired to be reminded. Sure, we may be monitored, but what reason is likely? 300 million peoples electric usage, down to watts per person per minute per day, can be useful information for managing limited resources. This scenario sounds likely.
    Or we could use 300 million American’s smartmeters to learn about when they watch their sitcoms, brush their teeth, walk their dog, if they turn of the lamp when they leave the room, and if they listen to music while they sleep. Because thats not a gigantic datamining nightmare.

    If anyone in any position of power wants you arrested, detained, or otherwise removed from being a nusance to them – it is already possible today, and likely easy. Why bother worrying about smart meters making that unnoticebly easier? Is it because the general image of a smart meter reminds you of the descriptions of the wall panels Orwell used in 1984? Where is the Ministry of Truth when you need them?

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