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PureSafe Water Trial Removes 99% of Sea Salts

PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. has completed the first two in a series of extended field trials on its mobile, on-site purification system.

The field trial program deploys the system in a real world environment to ensure the system will reliably operate to its design specifications. These two trials were done with ocean water to test the de-salination capability, one of the most rigorous tasks of the treatment train.

Laboratory tests show that the purified seawater meets or exceeds the EPA Primary and Secondary Drinking Water standards, PureSafe said. “99 percent removal of sea salts and the elimination of Ecoli and Coliform bacteria from the source water are just two of the many successes we achieved during these trials,” COO Rod Stoehr said.

“The results from the field trials in combination with the Gold Seal certification testing done with the WQA validates our treatment train on a variety of contaminants and shows that our system is capable of purifying water from any source, on a continuous basis, in remote locations,” CEO Leslie Kessler said.

The trials were completed over two separate weeks and involved 24-hour operation under the system’s own power source.

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2 thoughts on “PureSafe Water Trial Removes 99% of Sea Salts

  1. Anyone can generate 100% (or close to) pure water from seawater by boiling a pot on their stove.

    The real issues for water purification/desalination is the energy/Carbon cost of doing it. Then come the environmental issues and the volume issues and the infrastructure issues.

    I hope that PureSafe has a fantastic system that is sustainably low energy/Carbon, is easily scalable, and has solved all the environmental and infrastructure issues.

    Otherwise this seems a bit of a puff piece without the important data with it to assess it.

  2. This invention will save lives and help disaster relief without question. The financing plan of the company to help towns and countrys aquire this necessary emergency equipment.

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