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Under 14% Satisfied With US Approach to Energy

Less than 14 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction on energy according to a poll released by The University of Texas at Austin.

Of more than 3,400 consumers surveyed, 84 percent were worried about U.S. consumption of oil from foreign sources and 76 percent about a lack of progress in developing better ways to use energy efficiently and develop renewable sources, according to the Energy Poll.

Some 68 percent of those polled are concerned about the energy efficiency of their homes and 60 percent about global energy issues.

According to the poll, the majority of Americans see energy prices as high and likely to increase and the university says that energy prices are the most compelling and immediate issue for consumers. For instance, 69 percent of middle-aged households with children expect energy costs to grow as a percentage of their household budget in the next year, the university says.

According to a report out in October, an emerging wireless-enabled environment has the potential to drive billions of dollars in energy savings in a range of American industries.

Wireless and the Environment: A Review of Opportunities and Challenges, released by BSR, says that, if rolled out nationally, wireless smart grids could eliminate 360 million metric tons of CO2. This is equivalent to the annual energy use of 30 million U.S. homes, the report says.

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3 thoughts on “Under 14% Satisfied With US Approach to Energy

  1. It is time to Abolish the Dept. Of Energy, the 2012 Budget is 22 BILLION DOLLARS ?? Where is MY MONEY GOING? 6% of US citizens are worried we are headed in the wrong direction regarding energy use & consumption?? Abolish DOE!

  2. Any ire directed at the US department of energy is almost certainly misguided.

    Under the Obama administration, the DOE has provided billions of dollars to loan guarantees for renewable energy initiatives of all sorts – and the bad apple of Solyndra definitely does not spoil the bunch, since the vast majority are helping drive renewable energy in this country.

    The DOE has also worked with the auto industry to set new MPG standards in place that will drive fleet averages up to 54.5 mpg (current fleet avarages are in the low to mid 20s).

    In my opinion, there are better scapegoats for the limited progress on renewable energy, conservation, etc.: congress. The republicans continue to try to gut the DOE, the EPA, and to quash any initiatives that further such goals. They sank carbon cap&trade. They continuously attach bill riders to strip EPA authority to regulate carbon and other pollutants, as well as try to eliminate EPA funding and even its very existence. They are in a tizzy over the overly-politicized Solyndra example (not accepting that some failures are inevitable when dealing with new technologies, new markets, etc. – and not recognizing the very high success rates of the DOE loan guarantee program). They also delay and obstruct efforts to extend subsidies for renewables, while never once attempting to reduce the huge subsidies enjoyed by oil&gas. Etc., etc.

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