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Marriott to Install Demand Response at Over 250 Hotels

Marriott International and Constellation Energy have agreed to develop over 23 MW of load response capability across more than 250 of the hotel’s properties in the mid-Atlantic, New York, New England, Texas and California.

The partnership will allow Marriott to monitor its power use in real time, bid directly into the demand response market and improve energy efficiency, and is expected to save 1.2 million kWh of electricity a year, the two companies said.

Load response, also known as demand response, is a process by which electricity users reduce their consumption in response to high wholesale prices, constrained generating capacity or system reliability events.

Under the agreement, Marriott will use Constellation Energy’s VirtuWatt energy management system together with existing building automation to track electricity usage, bid directly into demand response markets and automate load curtailment strategies. Marriott properties may also elect to receive financing through Constellation Energy’s load response program to defray the upfront cost of demand response-related equipment upgrades, as well as take advantage of load-based utility incentives, where these are available.

Through its partnership with Automated Logic Corporation, Constellation Energy will implement indirect load control at Marriott properties where ALC automation systems are installed. The VirtuWatt platform will enable Marriott properties with other automation systems to implement pre-set curtailment scenarios for building systems such as generation, pumping and HVAC, based on load shortages, electricity usage or real-time pricing.

Constellation says VirtuWatt will provide Marriott with a centralized system for load control at multiple sites, an enterprise-wide view of electricity usage and data grouped by independent system operator or regional transmission organizations.

Last year Constellation Energy and Marriott conducted a load response analysis and pilot at 17 Marriott properties, which identified technology requirements and laid the groundwork for this national-scope load response program.

Constellation Energy currently manages load response programs for commercial and industrial customers in the PJM, New England, New York, ERCOT, California and Ontario regions.

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3 thoughts on “Marriott to Install Demand Response at Over 250 Hotels

  1. this great project shows the benefits of aggregation in the knowledge of demand response being applied to a corporate portfolio that has significant similarities in it’s energy use and client service levels.

  2. Anyone who has worked in a hotel knows this will be an uphill climb.
    Ever been in a hotel kitchen on a 90F degree day? Or a hotel ballroom with 200 people? You will be amazed at how FAST the room heats up when the AC goes off.
    Hotels are funny beasts…best of fortune with this program but I have my concerns in the long run, and the short run for that matter! When someone is paying $XXXX for a wedding, meeting of the year, anniversary, or just trying to sleep…turning back services will result in the typical phrase…”I paid for this room…turn the AC on, turn the services on.” In hotels, the only “demand time period” load is lighting (minimal) and AC.

  3. @ Iain. Valid comment ! i am a hotel general manager. If a hotel just installs mentioned technology without integrating it in its “soul”, i agree, the scenarios you described will occur. Technology alone will not fix our environmental problems. Period. Those companies and managers most flexible and innovative integrating new technology into their management systems will be the new market leaders. Others will, rightly so, perish.

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