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Sol Launches Outdoor Lighting Range

Solar lighting company Sol has released its new “20/20” outdoor lighting range.

The company is touting the line as a cost effective and reliable alternative to on-grid lighting. It says the product is particularly suitable for parking lots, according to Zdnet.

The new 20/20 lights can withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour, run for up to five nights off solar power without power being applied to the panels and can be linked to motion sensors to ensure that they are only on when needed, the web site reports.

Sol is targeting the product at banks, drug stores, retailers and fast-food outlets, Zdnet says.

In other environmentally friendly lighting news, the Optical Society has published a special“focus issue” on organic LEDs – LEDs in which light is emitted when an electrical current is passed through a layer of organic compound – in a supplement to its journal Optics Express.

The special issue provides the names of a number of studies carried out by researchers over the last few years which aim to overcome certain problems associated with the production of OLEDs, including low out-coupling levels and difficulties manufacturing stable emitter materials.

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2 thoughts on “Sol Launches Outdoor Lighting Range

  1. This source of energy seems to be very promising indeed.

    The part ” to ensure that they are only on when needed ” is even more important, because lighting pollution is something to be avoided for sure.

  2. The point that José makes about light pollution is important. Not only is light pollution itself undesirable (ask any astronomer), but it represents a gargantuan waste of energy. Look at a satellite picture of the night side of the earth – whole continents are outlined in artificial light (especially the U.S. eastern seaboard). Imagine the countless megawatts of energy being uselessly beamed out into space.

    Not to mention the fact that, at 3:00 am there are few people out and about to use the lighting being provided. I’m not talking about streetlights here – those may have some residual use even at that hour. But there are hundreds of thousands of examples of pure waste – such as lighting the empty parking lots of businesses that only operate during the day, etc.

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