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Kraft’s Oscar Mayer Pledges to Ban Pig Gestation Crates

Kraft Foods has said it will eliminate gestation crates from Oscar Mayer’s pork supply chain by 2022.

The Humane Society of the United States described the new policy’s phase-in period as “lengthy,” but said that it applauds Kraft Foods’ decision to help improve conditions for its pigs.

In the pork industry, most sows are confined during their four-month pregnancy in gestation crates, cages roughly the same size as the animals’ bodies, preventing them from turning around. They are then placed into another crate to give birth, re-impregnated, and put back into a gestation crate.

Kraft Foods’ announcement follows several other restaurants and food companies’ decisions to ban the practice.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Kroger, Safeway, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Cracker Barrel, Sonic, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Baja Fresh, Compass Group and Sodexo have also announced that they will eliminate gestation crates from their supply chains.

Pork providers Smithfield Foods and Hormel have pledged to end the use of gestation crates at their company-owned facilities by 2017. Smithfield’s pledge followed a legal complaint by the Humane Society alleging that the pork supplier claimed to have higher animal welfare and environmental standards than it actually did.

Pork supplier Cargill is already 50 percent crate-free.

According to the Humane Society, nine US states have passed laws to ban the practice – the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida lists these as Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, California, Maine, Michigan, Ohio and Rhode Island – and Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey have bills pending that would do the same.

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6 thoughts on “Kraft’s Oscar Mayer Pledges to Ban Pig Gestation Crates

  1. WTF, 10 years to change a practice that could be prevented tomorrow. Stop putting the pigs in crates, simple. I had no idea this was done. What we do to have enough bacon! Geesh.

  2. I fully agree with Iain – and would like to add that it’s egregious that they will take a full decade to implement such changes that clearly didn’t take a decade to adopt. I had no idea such practices are used tho i don’t eat pork at all–but still don’t support this at all – ban the *&^%^ cages immediately!

  3. Most people say who gives a damm I get cheap Pork and I don’t have to deal with it. or Jobs are so important that what ever those environment Animal lovers want is just going to cost jobs to hell with them. Lets take those crates and put them to use! I got a bunch of “Pigs” to put in them…..Pig Heads!

  4. Pigs are smart animals. Smarter than dogs. And they are social animals like humans. They maintain close-knit ties with relatives. When pigs are slaughtered, if they are not alone when they die, their cries alerts and stresses the other pigs, releasing cortisol into the bloodstream. Too much consumption of cortisol is bad for metabolism. So, Greg, you should care if you consume it.

  5. Ban gestation crates now,no type of confinement.Pigs are suffering tremendously!Its cruel and sadistic.They are also suffering from bleeding prolapses from constant birthing .the list of neglect,abuse and cruelty is very long!FREE THE PIGS NOW!

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