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A Voice of Sanity in the Fracking Debate

Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, has devoted his life to crusading on behalf of environmental conservation. No one could possibly accuse him of being timid in his efforts yet in recent years he has become a powerful voice for pragmatism in the sustainability debate, which often seems to be dominated by dogma and extremism rather than science, authentic data and what makes practical sense.

The latest example of Krupp’s refreshingly sensible approach to the sustainability challenges we face comes in the most recent edition of Solutions, EDF’s newsletter. Not only is there a fine article that sets out the real dangers of fracking, but Krupp’s opening leader shows us how a voice of reason coming from someone who remains a true environmentalist can help bring a sensible outcome to what has become a contest between ideologically-driven screamers.

Among other things, Krupp says:

“…The truth is hydraulic fracturing and natural gas are not going away.”

“Natural gas is helping revive American manufacturing and create jobs.”

“The real question isn’t ‘to frack or not to frack’ but rather, how do we develop this resource responsibly.”

“We (must) move beyond the current impasse in which many in industry deny the existence of serious problems and others dream of turning back the clock on shale gas.”

As usual, Krupp has committed his organization to “bring science to the table” and to broker discussions between the various stakeholders to bring about a way forward that benefits many and harms no one. How revolutionary in our desperately polarized society!!! We could use a lot more of his brand of common sense in our discussion of the world’s sustainability challenges.

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4 thoughts on “A Voice of Sanity in the Fracking Debate

  1. Wouldn’t it be more pragmatic and create more jobs to transition to solar, wind, wave, and tide energy rather than mitigate the negatives of natural gas extraction and burning.

  2. No because those tehcnologies have not reached a point of true economic feasability yet. The natural gas revolution will be the transition to renewable energy as many of the renewable options require some form of energy to serve as a backup and natural gas is compatible with these technologies. Both forms of energy will create many jobs, natural gas will create more though because of the simple fact that ethane, a component of shale gas, is a crucial raw material in the chemical and petrochemical industry. In addition, the cost of energy to consumers if we were to switch to renewables in coming years would be more expensive than natural gas.

  3. well what he says makes sense but Fracking is in the hands of the BIG oil and the corporates and sense does not come into their way of thinking, there is gas down in the shale it can be brought up but the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.Water is perhaps the main issue from 600,000 gallons to 5 million gallons per frack wasted and polluted and that water then has to be relocated to a dump somewhere without polluting somewhere’s else. What he says is sensible but its in the nands of people who see the Planet in a completely different way to him or I

  4. Honestly speaking all things done for a reason let me say it again, for a reason– as long as the reason itself is not endangering the lives of the many. Existence of Natural Gas is helping not just for the economy and for the creation of jobs as well. Production and reproduction can occur as long as considering the welfare of the community and its people.

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