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GE NextFuel locomotive

GE, CSX Pilot LNG Trains; Clean Energy Fuels UPS Fleet

GE NextFuel locomotiveGE Transportation and CSX have agreed to explore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) technology for locomotives beginning with a pilot program in 2014. Using LNG to fuel trains cuts emissions and increases efficiency, the partners say.

Natural gas-fueled locomotives can travel longer distances without refueling stops, as well as provide environmental and economic benefits, the companies say.

GE has been testing low-pressure natural gas technology since the spring and is working closely with CSX and other Class 1 partners. Field tests are expected to begin in 2014.

GE’s NextFuel kits allow railroads to use natural gas as a fuel source, reducing emissions and potentially reducing fuel costs. An Evolution Series locomotive equipped with the NextFuel Natural Gas Retrofit Kit (pictured) meets the EPA’s Tier 3 emission standards.

CSX will be working over the next few months to develop a test plan and secure regulatory concurrence. For CSX, GE Transportation will deploy its new NextFuel Natural Gas Retrofit Kits that enable existing Evolution Series locomotives to operate with dual fuel capabilities.

CSX and GE say they will also work on the continued development of LNG technology for other classes of locomotives and will work with stakeholders and government agencies to help advance LNG deployment.

In September, GE said its next-generation freight locomotive meets the EPA’s stringent Tier 4 emission standards without requiring any type of aftertreatment — an industry first, according to the company.

In other LNG news, Clean Energy Fuels has announced a multi-year bulk fueling agreement to supply LNG to two private UPS stations located in Mesquite and Houston, Texas. Under a separate agreement with UPS, Clean Energy will open three of its America’s Natural Gas Highway stations located in Amarillo, Mesquite and San Antonio, Texas, to support UPS’ over-the-road fleet.


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2 thoughts on “GE, CSX Pilot LNG Trains; Clean Energy Fuels UPS Fleet

  1. Is it just me or is America simply doing the same thing as before with oil by getting addicted to and locking infrastructure into another finite resource. They will go through the same process of establishing systems that rely on this substance that just like oil as the requirement expands, the resource conversely retracts creating a scarcity problem, driving up prices. This will in turn inspire more fracking and dirty NG mining practices. Sure its a lot better than coal, oil and diesel with regards to CO2 but the jury is still out about fugitive methane emissions and again its a finite resource. Why we just don’t bite the bullet and convert straight to solar and other renewables is beyond me. We already have the electricity grid infrastructure there, we just need to cut over to a different source. The sun.
    I suspect the reason is just that. Once the harvesting and distribution infrastructure is set up, because the source is free and relatively limitless, no one can control supply and reap profits from creating scarcity. Wake up America, you are being duped again.

  2. Clean Energy Fuels is providing CNG and LNG filling stations all over America. Founder T. Boone Pickens has stated that natural gas is an interim fuel and that we have to develop other practical sources, but CNG is the right answer for big local users and LNG for long distance haulers for the next century. In fact, without it, the Los Angeles Metro system and the L.A. Port Authority and similar heavy uses would shut down right now. Solar power is not yet the answer for these jobs and may never be.

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