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California capitol

California Companies Call Climate Change ‘Economic Opportunity’

California capitolCalifornia-based businesses that include Apple, SolarCity, San Diego International Airport, Sungevity, and Sapphire Energy signed a Climate Declaration, a call to action that urges federal and state policymakers to seize the economic opportunity of addressing climate change.

The Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) was launched last year by Ceres. Its business network has more than 750 signatories nationwide, and 140 in California, including General Motors, Unilever, Gap Inc., and eBay Inc.

“As the world’s 8th largest economy, California is a champion of clean energy progress and innovation,” states the declaration. “Thanks in part to its smart energy policies including its landmark climate law, AB32, California has been a global leader in job creation, clean energy investments and GDP growth.”

Ceres said the California companies that have signed the Climate Declaration see the financial upside of tackling climate change today, both for their own bottom lines and the overall economy.

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4 thoughts on “California Companies Call Climate Change ‘Economic Opportunity’

  1. Yes, there is climate change.
    Do we have to adapt to it, Yes.

    Did we cause it?
    Did we cause the ice age or the warming that followed it?

    Why the tidal wave of “majority of scientists” blaming us for doing it?
    Follow the money!
    Scientists generally survive on grants.
    Grants come from the politically connected, who are pushing this agenda.
    Follow the money.

  2. Typical denier posting, ira – when you can’t argue the science on scientific grounds, it’s time for your fallback tactic: cast unfounded and unproven aspersions, hoping to distract the conversation and marginalize the truth.
    There is ZERO evidence that the world’s entire cadre of climate scientists are secretly conspiring to extract grant money by lying. ZERO.
    And, there is an avalanche of evidence linking human activities to climate change.

    Why the trickle of “AGW deniers” trying to shift blame for climate change away from human activities?
    Follow the money!
    Climate denialism generally survives on lies.
    Lies come from the companies most dependent on business-as-usual, who are pushing the lies to hang on to their fossil-fuel-derived cash flows.
    Follow the money.

  3. Also, ira: grants actually do not come from the politically connected. Instead, climate-study grant money generally comes from government sources (DOA, NSF, etc.) or private entities (Exxon-Mobil, BP, etc.). Guess which sources fund the few remaining ‘scientists’ who rail against AGW?
    In any event, grant money manifestly does not come from politically connected individuals.

  4. Well, OK – I suppose the Koch brothers count as individuals, and their money does fund AGW denialism through the ‘Heartland Institute’ and other fronting organizations. But their example hardly supports your case, does it – since their funding does not support any scientist whose work supports the AGW conclusion.
    Just ‘following more of the money’ here…

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