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Carbon Capture ‘Would Send Electricity Prices Soaring’

CCSWholesale electricity prices would soar from 70 percent and 80 percent with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) at coal-fired power plants, according to the Energy Department.

According to Bloomberg News, Julio Friedmann, deputy assistant secretary for clean coal at the Energy Department, told the House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee the first generation of CCS technologies have a captured cost of carbon dioxide of between $70-90 per ton for wholesale electricity production. He said a second generation of technologies could drop that cost to $40-50 per ton.

Friedmann said the overall impact on electric prices would depend on the size and type of power plant installing the technology.

EPA standards to regulate carbon dioxide emissions for new power plants would require the use of CCS technologies. Many lawmakers and utility groups say the technology isn’t commercially feasible and would make it impossible to build a new coal power plant in the US


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2 thoughts on “Carbon Capture ‘Would Send Electricity Prices Soaring’

  1. seriously? what about the cost to taxpayers in terms of FEMA and storm damage, accidents, ice down to GA, lost work, lost crops, increased food prices from CA droughts, etc. That’s the biggest argument they can come up with? Suck it up. We’re going to pay one way or the other – I prefer “the other” and so would everyone else if they THOUGHT about it.

  2. Right now, solar panels cost around $0.50 per watt. Federal and state governments should change the building codes so that all new buildings should have rooftop solar panels to generate significant portion of the energy they use. This requirement might add about 2% to the cost of the building which is worthwhile expenditure for reducing global warming and saving the planet. Climate change is not just a serious problem for future generations. Right now, we are facing the consequences of climate change in California and around the world.

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