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Waterless Laundry System Shrinks Costs, Environmental Footprint

A water-free laundry system can help the cleanroom manufacturing industry lower costs and shrink its environmental footprint, according to the California Energy Commission’s final report on CO2Nexus’ carbon dioxide-based processes.

The report documents the results of 18 months of field-testing the company’s Tersus Cleanroom Solution.

The waterless laundry system delivers 50 percent higher garment throughput and 50 percent reduction in operating costs by reducing space requirements and energy use, the company says.

CO2Nexus is finalizing its commercial system and is collaborating with its global partners to commercially deploy Tersus in 2015.

The CEC report documents that Tersus met or exceeded the following cleanroom specifications using liquefied carbon dioxide and proprietary chemistry:

  • Particulate count
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Ionic residue
  • Bio-burden

The Tersus system features a barrier system that maintains the integrity of the cleanroom environment by using a two-door machine that securely penetrates the clean environment while sealing off the non-clean area. With a real-time monitoring feature and garment-specific programming, it can adapt to the needs of each cleanroom and the operators’ preferences.

The company says the platform offers greater management oversight into garment processing through custom management reports.


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3 thoughts on “Waterless Laundry System Shrinks Costs, Environmental Footprint

  1. How in the world can one believe the “savings” shown in the CEC report when that report was actually prepared by the very company that is promoting and selling the process!? As their website states: “TERSUS solutions integrates our PROPRIETARY machine, CO2-based chemistry, and process into a turn-key package.” Any studies of a new process or product like this should be conducted independently, NOT by the company selling the product!! Therefore, the results (“savings”) shown in the CEC report should be dismissed as biased.

    And shame on the CEC for giving ratepayer $$ for what is an advertising pitch. From the report: “Lastly, CO2Nexus is forever grateful to the California Energy Commission for their financial contributions and persistent moral support of this project.”

  2. I do have trouble with the awkwardly cozy relationship between the California Energy Commission and CO2Nexus. Nevertheless, this is progress and any Laundry system that uses CO2 to get the job done is definitely a good thing.

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