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3 Ways to Create an Efficient Warehouse

reddon, tom, national forklift exchangeThere’s no question that a productive warehouse is a profitable warehouse. When it comes to maintaining your competitive edge, delivering quality work efficiently usually means greater return on investment. For starters, here are 3 great ways to help you to scale the wall of productivity and profit.

Safety First: Work Environment Optimization

Safety is the uncompromising principle behind every efficient warehouse. Warehouses understand that a forklift-related accident can create serious (and fatal) consequences, while slowing down work efficiency. Besides providing ongoing employee safety training workshops to warehouse workers and forklift operators, warehouses can re-evaluate their work setting and make some simple changes.

For example, optimizing your lighting system and installing mirrors around sharp corners can dramatically boost workplace visibility and keep your employees well-aware of their surroundings. Widening some of the narrow aisles, on the other hand, will also give forklift operators more room and space to turn and move about. Finally, keep all running electric cords out of the way, and equip workers with walkie-talkies or radios to promote open communication.

Productivity: Technology Integration

While every warehouse should make sure that their material handling team is fully-staffed, upgrading the quality of your workhorses will give you an extra lift in workplace productivity. According to Material & Handling Logistics (MHL), technological development in the material handling industry has streamlined many of the logistics and management tasks in the warehouse. “The Internet of Things (IoT) has many applications in the supply chain—for example, warehouse stock levels can be continually monitored so that stocks can be replenished whenever sensors detect a near-out-of-stock situation.”

Additionally, warehouses with routine and repetitive material handling jobs should seriously consider automated guided forklifts and outsource their human power elsewhere. That way, you can have machines getting the jobs done without risking any of your valuable employees. All in all, an efficient warehouse is one that knows how to take advantage of connected devices to plan and manage its daily routines, work routes, schedules, and inventory.


An efficient warehouse not only promotes a safe work environment, but also encourages sustainable warehouse management and practices. A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that there is a great correlation between “the green of profit” and “the red of high and volatile energy costs.” According to MHL, the reality that energy demand is going to increase by at least 50% in the next 15 years has led 70% of the manufacturing execs and 76% of the logistics exec to feel concerned and even slightly alarmed.

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Create an Efficient Warehouse

  1. Sustainability investments can have real and quantifiable impacts and can have a direct effect on overall performance. In order for these efforts to be successful, companies must set achievable targets, make them as part of their business policies and create action plans for their organization. Companies need to do a better job of quantifying and translating their tangible sustainability results. A structured approach to measuring and managing a company’s sustainability commitments can help maintain a much higher level of operational efficiency and has a direct effect on its overall performance.

  2. Great article Tom! I’d like to offer some help. In the last couple of weeks, my company became the first (And only) Edison preferred vendor to be able to offer brand new, LED, high bays for FREE through the Edison Express rebate program to qualified customers. We did this do to our work with Edison in creating a high bay that is energy star/DLC rated and meets all of Edison’s efficiency requirements. There is no cost. Zero, zip, nada, none to qualifying warehouses, distribution centers.

    By installing LED in your warehouses, it creates a safer working environment with brighter light and safer fixtures, as well as creating greater sustainability and a “green” environment. And, it will dramatically reduce the companies bottom line by saving anywhere from 30 – 50% a month off of their energy bill.

    If Edison is your energy provider, and you’d like a free consultation to see if you qualify for this amazing program, please contact me ASAP. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make it a great day!


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