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California drought

Walmart Sources Bottled Water from Dry California

California droughtWalmart is the latest company under pressure to stop sourcing its bottled water from drought-stricken California.

According to an investigation by CBS13 in Sacramento, Walmart’s bottled water comes from the Sacramento municipal water supply.

CBS says Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, Arrowhead and Dasani also sell bottled water drawn from California municipal water supplies.

In a statement, Walmart told the TV news station “we have and continue to work with our suppliers to act responsibly while meeting the needs of customers who count on us across California.”

Earlier this week Starbucks said it will stop sourcing and manufacturing its Ethos Water in California due to the drought.

Starbucks’ move comes as activists are petitioning the California Water Resources Control Board to shut down Nestlé’s water bottling operations in the state.

Photo Credit: aerial view showing low water level in South Lake reservoir in California because of drought via Shutterstock


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4 thoughts on “Walmart Sources Bottled Water from Dry California

  1. One of the best things about the drought it that it reveals the naked truth. Politicians don’t represent voters. They represent wealthy donors such as corporate water bottlers and agribusiness water guzzlers. Notice who is punished and fined and who is left untouched by water restrictions.

    Given that the governor is building a billion dollar boondoggle while the state burns (high speed rail), along with creating draconian restrictions that cannot possibly solve the problem, it is clear what is going on here. Democrats are trying to force all legal, law abiding citizens to flee the state so that foreign criminals can take over. The only question that remains is this one: Are democrats being bribed by foreign powers to destroy the state in this way?

    The preceding conspiracy theories were brought to you by:

    Kooky Crazy California Conspiracies and Weird Weapons of the Water Warrior Wizards.

    PS, the only only way I might entertain a different scenario is if farmers and companies taking water from the state were socked with high fees, fines, restrictions and forced to use seawater that they desalinate at their own expense. You know if the ones who can pay were forced to do so rather than pretending to “do something” by punishing the poor?

  2. Very interesting comments. A little snarky but, worthy of thought. This is really a call to civic action from everyone. Let’s not fix the blame but, fix the problem. The fix will cost $$ and lots of it! Everyone needs to step up and the wealthy do not get a pass on this this…it’s not a problem of and by the poor. This may be the issue that drives the “pitch forks” to show up all over California..and other drought ridden states.

  3. If enough public pressure is growing upon Walmart as it’s currently being brought upon Nestlé, Walmart will do the smart thing and find another source for its bottled water. I mean, there are plenty of places around the US that have an extensive water reserves.

  4. Brilliant idea bringing in bottled water from out of state! Oh, wait. What about greenhousegas emissions from transport.Oops, guess we forgot about that…

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