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coal power plant

Supreme Court Blocks Clean Power Plan

coal power plantThe US Supreme Court yesterday delivered a major blow to President Obama’s climate change policy by temporarily halting the implementation of the Clean Power Plan while an appeals court considers a legal challenge to the rule that aims to regulate coal-burning power plant emissions.

The Clean Power Plan requires existing coal-burning power plants to cut carbon emissions by 32 percent by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. Since the EPA published the rule in late October, more than 20 energy companies, other businesses and industry organizations, along with 27 states, have filed lawsuits to overturn it.

The US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, granted the states’ and industry’s motion to stay the Clean Power Plan while the courts determine its legality.

As expected, environmentalists called yesterday’s ruling “a temporary time out” while states and industry groups said it signals they have a strong legal case against the emissions rule.

“The Supreme Court’s highly unusual action flies in the face of common sense,” said World Resources Institute’s Sam Adams, director of the organization’s US climate initiative. “Experts agree that the Clean Power Plan is on solid legal ground and will prevail based on the merits. We expect this ruling to be only a temporary ‘time out’ as the plan heads to full implementation.”

Meanwhile, the National Association of Manufacturers president and CEO Jay Timmons said, “the granting of our motion to delay implementation while the courts debate the legality of the Clean Power Plan not only shows the strengths of the merits of our case, but also saves manufacturers from billions of dollars in unjustly incurred regulatory costs.”

Photo Credit: coal power plant via Shutterstock

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5 thoughts on “Supreme Court Blocks Clean Power Plan

  1. This doesn’t Surprize me at all with this Court! The Plan is Certainly on Sound Legal Ground so I HOPE this “Delay” passes quickly!

  2. Mr Timmons has to see the bigger picture . Environmental impairment costs outstrip the value of marginal effect on profits 10-1 . The planet we inhabit as a finite tolerance of abuse and in its kindness is doing its best to allow us to see first hand the consequences of prolonged burning if of fossil fuels .Perhaps the President of the NAM has alternative planet we could inhabit when profits have destroyed this one .

  3. As the late brilliant engineer told me, we are living on spaceship earth. That all our resources are finite. We will have to look for another planet!

  4. Hope the industry across the world look at the big picture in stead of concentrating on short term profits without regards for the implication to the future.

  5. The Fix for this controversy is to push Big Energy to revalue their remaining natural stocks, when reserved for one purpose only – production of petrochemicals, rather than splitting current reserves for both purposes (energy and petrochemicals). This will also restabilize volatile markets and improve demand for recycle captured commodities.

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