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Ad Specs

download a pdf of our ad specs


Display Advertising


Leaderboards: 728×90 pixels

Rectangles: 300×250 pixels

Skyscrapers: 160×600 pixels

Half page: 300×600 pixels

Super Leaderboard: 970×90 pixels

File Formats: GIF, JPEG, HTML, Flash, or other rich media accepted. If using rich media, see Rich Media Specifications below.

Animation, Looping: Animated GIFs are acceptable. No limits on looping.

Max animation length: 15 seconds

Initial File Size: 35 KB maximum

Maximum File Size: 100 kb maximum

URL: Please include a URL for your ad to link to.

For in depth display guidelines, ever to this IAB Guide for the ad dimensions listed above: http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/508767/displayguidelines


Rich Media 

Environmental Leader supports most rich media formats. Your creative must conform to the IAB Rich Media Guidelines published at http://www.iab.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/508676/508767/Rich_Media.

Formats Accepted:  Will accept all formats for testing.

ALL Rich Media ads must be accompanied by a standard GIF for use as a fall-back for non-rich media enabled browsers.

Flash Ads:  If submitting a Flash banner, you must supply both the compiled .swf file, the .fla file, and a backup GIF. Environmental Leader uses Open X to serve its ads. All Flash ads must have clickTag tracking coded into the .swf file.

For further assistance, visit:




HTML Ad Specifications:  Environmental Leader LLC utilizes JavaScript ad tags on its pages. HTML banners must be constructed to work within these tags. HTML banners may either call to the client’s server for component images or the component images may be submitted along with the HTML code directly to Environmental Leader. All component images must conform to the file size restrictions (35 KB) and total combined file size of component images should not exceed the maximum specified files size (2 MB).

Behavioral Rules: Mutual expansion behavior is required; expandable creative may expand on user initiation (mouse-over), but requires mouse-off retraction. Expandable creative enabled by mouse click may remain until mouse click close. Automatic play or pre-expand are not allowed. Audio allowable only with user initiation (clicking), and must be able to be stopped by user interaction (clicking).


White Papers

PDF only: 4mb max

Headline: 7 words

Description: 50 words

Logo: 300 pixels wide

Text Ads

Headline: 7 words

Description: 50 words

Logo or product image: 300 pixels wide

URL: Please include a URL for your ad to link to.


Product News Story

Product information: Press release or similar write up about product or service

Product image: 300 to 500 pixels wide


Cost Per Lead

Questions asked per registrant at  basic CPL rate: Name, Address, Email, Phone number, Industry, Job Role


Dedicated/Solo Emails


1. Working, tested HTML including images, copy, landing page URLs (see design guidelines below).

2. Control/seed emails.

3. Advertiser suppression list in csv or Excel format. Environmental Leader applies the suppression list to control/seed addresses.

4. Email subject line. Avoid language likely to trigger spam filters (“FREE,”  “!” et. al.). Short subject lines (50 characters or less) tend to work best.

Environmental Leader will put a small space above your creative where we will notify readers that the email is being sent to them by Environmental Leader.

Since the email will be wrapped up within our own header and footer, provide only what should be within the body tag and do NOT include a head tag or style tag (or anything that would go within them) or a body tag. 

Creative Details:

HTML code:  has to validate at validator.w3.org and be made with email compatibility in mind. Avoid advanced CSS techniques as they mostly don’t work in many email clients.

CSS: must be “inline” (style=“yourstyle”) rather than within a style tag. All style tags will be removed. In other words, all CSS in the HTML head will be removed.

Use HTML tables: for layout, not CSS (i.e. no float or position). CSS should be used only for typography and colors. Maximum width is 600 pixels.

Use absolute dimensions: in pixels for table cells and images.

Use GIF: for images and limit them to a reasonable size (less than 40KB each). Set the ALT attributes of IMG tags to describe images to make emails more readable when images are turned off, which is the behavior by default in many email clients. Avoid PNGs, animated gifs and background images.

No Javascript/AJAX, Flash, Java, nor image maps.

Full absolute paths: must be used for any image and link as in http://www.yourdomain.com/path/filename.gif. Do not use relative links such as ../path/filename.gif.

Double check all your links! 


Unfortunately, Environmental Leader LLC does not have staff members to assist in ad troubleshooting or creation. If an ad doesn’t work in our adserver, we cannot diagnose the problem. 

Environmental Leader reserves final approval rights over advertising. Content that we feel is not appropriate for our audience will not be accepted, at our sole discretion. Our goal is to send great-looking emails that are relevant to our audience and perform well for our advertisers. Content must be of informational value (whitepaper, webinar, research), we don’t run hard-selling emails such as incentives or contests.

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