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Democratic Debate Shows Split over Shale Gas Fracking

Democratic Debate Shows Split over Shale Gas Fracking

Like parts of the nation, the Democratic presidential contenders are split over hydraulic fracturing, which is the technique used to withdraw shale gas from a mile beneath the earth’s surface. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont told viewers that under no circumstance would such fracking be allowed to continue on his … Read more »

FirstEnergy Comes up Short on Pennsylvania Grid Modernization Plan

Imagine a utility receives $57 million from the Department of Energy and a matching amount from its customers, then uses that money to demonstrate how new technologies could save millions more. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Not if you’re FirstEnergy, whose business model doesn’t call for saving money. … Read more »

Nuclear Energy: At the Intersection of the Economy and the Environment

Two issues will be atop the minds of environmental leaders and energy managers as the nation chooses its next president: the economy and the environment, and how to successfully weave both together so that their companies are cleaner and more productive. One fuel has remained a constant: nuclear energy — … Read more »

Supreme Court’s Mercury Decision Spells Further Trouble for Coal

For the second time in just a few weeks, the coal-consuming-and-producing states have tried for a Hail Mary — to get the US Supreme Court to delay the implementation of EPA rules. This time: the mercury rule, which had previously been kicked back down to the federal district court in … Read more »

Utility-Scale Solar Continues to Generate Good Vibes Among Utilities

Utility-Scale Solar Continues to Generate Good Vibes Among Utilities

Is utility-scale solar that feeds into the grid worth the money? A new report says that it is becoming cost competitive with other fuels and that it will become a fast-growing segment of the green population. GTM Research says that more than half of all such solar plants in 2016 … Read more »

California Water Bond Funding Will Begin to Flow

Two years ago, Californians voted to pass Proposition 1, a $7.5 billion general obligation bond, also known as the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014. As part of developing a comprehensive water plan for California’s future, Proposition 1 provides $2.7 billion of continuously appropriated funds for the … Read more »

EPA Chief: Methane Emissions ‘Substantially Higher Than We Thought’

EPA Chief: Methane Emissions ‘Substantially Higher Than We Thought’

Energy markets may now be awash in natural gas but the fuel has, well, fueled an economic boom in the United States. Not only has it changed the way electricity is generated but it has also given the manufacturing sector here a critical edge. Anything standing in its way? Excessive … Read more »

With More Ambitious Carbon Pollution Cuts, RGGI Can Continue to Lead on Climate

While the Supreme Court has temporarily delayed implementation of the federal Clean Power Plan, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the nation’s first cap-and-trade program designed to cut carbon pollution from the power sector, continues to move forward. RGGI is a pioneering collaboration among nine Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states – … Read more »

Will Hawaii’s Attempts to Elevate Energy Storage be Successful?

With all the hoopla over utility commission rulings regarding how rooftop solar gets treated in California and Nevada, we almost forgot to bring up Hawaii, which has enacted some quirky rules of its own. The state, consisting of several islands, has the highest retail electric rates in the country. At … Read more »