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BLM Takes a Step Forward on Methane from Existing Oil and Gas Operations on Public Lands, EPA Should Follow Suit Nationwide

Earlier this year, the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed new standards to address waste of natural gas from oil and gas operations on American public lands. As natural gas is made up of methane – a highly potent greenhouse gas – this waste is an important contributor to … Read more »

Has Germany’s Energy Transition Come to a Fork in the Road?

Is Germany’s transition to a power sector fueled mostly by renewables and not at all by nuclear energy going as planned? It depends on whom is asked. But the latest such look suggests that it has hit a bump: carbon emissions are up. While renewable energy pursuits in Germany are … Read more »

Companies Are Benefiting as Utilities Move from Coal-to-Gas

When Duke Energy broke ground on a new 1,640 megawatt combined-cycle natural gas plant in Citrus County, Florida, it signified a new start — a new beginning for both the utility and the industry in which it has been a part. Indeed, it’s all part of the massive wave from … Read more »

Germany’s Bet on Renewable Energy is an Investment in Digital Disruption

The extraordinary amount of money Germany is spending to transition its market away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy sources is looking increasingly like an investment in the country’s future industrial competitiveness. Most experts have estimated the cost of Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ policy in the hundreds of billions of euro, some … Read more »

Skipping the Age of Edison

As we grapple with transforming our energy infrastructure in response to a changing climate we must solve two important problems; how to provide energy to “low-income” nations developing at a breakneck pace and how to restructure the energy infrastructure within “high-income” nations.  Jim Rogers, an electricity infrastructure visionary and former … Read more »

California’s Net Metering Debate to Really Heat Up Again by Summer

California’s Net Metering Debate to Really Heat Up Again by Summer

With spring and summer around the corner, it’s going to get hotter in California. It’s not about the weather, which will play into the debate. It’s about a request to revisit the state’s net-metering rule that sets the payments for those who generate their own electricity and who sell it … Read more »

Will the Exelon and Pepco Merger Ultimately Fly or Remain Grounded?

The energy world will soon know whether the deal between Exelon Corp. Pepco Holdings will go through: April 7, at the latest. Despite previous rejections of the proposed merger and the two utilities having sweetened the pot as a result, it is unclear what will happen now. The $6.8 billion … Read more »

Democratic Debate Shows Split over Shale Gas Fracking

Democratic Debate Shows Split over Shale Gas Fracking

Like parts of the nation, the Democratic presidential contenders are split over hydraulic fracturing, which is the technique used to withdraw shale gas from a mile beneath the earth’s surface. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont told viewers that under no circumstance would such fracking be allowed to continue on his … Read more »

FirstEnergy Comes up Short on Pennsylvania Grid Modernization Plan

Imagine a utility receives $57 million from the Department of Energy and a matching amount from its customers, then uses that money to demonstrate how new technologies could save millions more. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Not if you’re FirstEnergy, whose business model doesn’t call for saving money. … Read more »

Nuclear Energy: At the Intersection of the Economy and the Environment

Two issues will be atop the minds of environmental leaders and energy managers as the nation chooses its next president: the economy and the environment, and how to successfully weave both together so that their companies are cleaner and more productive. One fuel has remained a constant: nuclear energy — … Read more »