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Top Marks for EPA on 2011 Sustainability Scorecard

Top Marks for EPA on 2011 Sustainability Scorecard

The EPA met all of its sustainability and energy goals for 2011 and remains on track to meet all seven future goals on its Office of Management and Budget sustainability scorecard, amid mixed results from other major federal departments and agencies. The scorecard measures the sustainability of federal departments and … Read more »

Wal-Mart Reduces Carbon Emissions/$1M Sold to 53 Tons

Wal-Mart Reduces Carbon Emissions/$1M Sold to 53 Tons

[Editors note: A previous headline mischaracterized Wal-Mart’s global emissions based on erroneous information from the chart above from the Wal-Mart report.] While seeing an overall rise in carbon emissions to about 20 million tons in 2008, Wal-Mart Stores International is making progress in reducing its emissions per sales. In 2008, … Read more »

Data Centers and Carbon Pricing

Here in the U.S. the likelihood of an official “price of carbon” continues to grow. Both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama favor a cap and trade system, which would put a hard cap on annual emissions and use a trading system to distribute rights to emit greenhouse gasses. If you … Read more »

Peak Carbon

When I write my column for Environmental Leader each month, I’m pretty conservative with the facts and ideas that I use. But this month I’m throwing out an idea that’s, at best, half-baked, and then I’m going farther out on a limb and making a prediction based on it. I’m … Read more »

‘You Already Have An Eco Job!’

It seems like every week I get a request from someone at Sun who wants to join our Eco Responsibility team. I used to just explain that we didn’t have any positions open, but then I realized that we were missing a huge opportunity. These are employees with passion for … Read more »

(Dis)Orders of Magnitude

Human beings are good at numbers, but only within a small range. Most of us can imagine how big “One Hundred” is, and even have pretty good sense of “One Thousand.” But if asked to imagine the number “One Million” (a thousand thousands), or worse yet, “One Billion” (a thousand … Read more »

Register Now For Green Sustainable Efficiency World 2008!

Reflecting back on 2007, one industry clearly stands out as having benefited big time from the growing interest in sustainability: the conference industry. It seems like every week has offered at least one, and often more, chances to attend a brand new sustainability, efficiency or environmental conference of some kind.

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