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USPS Touts Higher Environmental Standards

usps2.jpgThe U.S. Postal Service has received cradle to cradle certification at the silver level from MBDC for human and environmental health. According to USPS, it’s the only mailing or shipping company in the nation to receive this certification.

To receive the certification, MBDC reviews specific criteria to assess the environmental attributes of materials used in products. MBDC examined 60 packaging items, breaking those items down to 250…

EIA Framework Could Pave Way For Recycling Legislation

eia.jpgThe Electronic Industries Alliance has released (via TreeHugger) a framework (PDF) that the aliance says paves the way for federal legislation establishing a national program for recycling household TVs and IT products such as computers and computer monitors.

The framework calls for…

Private Industry’s Green Purchasing Impacts Suppliers, Consumers

checkout.jpgCompanies like Wal-Mart, FedEx, Home Depot and Office Depot are flexing their corporate environmental power, extending their green policies beyond their own operations to impact suppliers and consumers, according to Medill Reports.

While individual consumers’ purchasing habits have proven slow and difficult to change, private industry has…

Companies Step Up Efforts To Trim Packaging

nestle.jpgWith Wal-Mart Stores helping to push a repackaging trend along by encouraging its 66,000 suppliers to reduce their packaging starting next year as part of its goal of cutting overall packaging five percent by 2013, companies are beginning to look at packaging, or the lack thereof, as a competitive advantage, Associated Press reports. Already, more than 3,100 vendors have used Wal-Marts online packaging scorecard system.

Procter & Gamble recently…

Nau’s Success Depends On Getting People Out The Door

nau.jpgApparel startup Nau launched a new clothing line this spring made entirely of recycled polyester, certified organic fabrics, and biodegradable corn fiber. Because the fabrics are 25 percent to 30 percent more expensive than those used by other apparel makers, the company’s success depends on an experimental retail strategy, BusinessWeek reports.

Nau is building stores, called WebFronts. Instead of encouraging in-store shopping, Nau offers free…

P&G’s Small Bottles Could Have Big Impact On Sustainability

tide.jpgStarting in the fall, Procter & Gamble will replace all its $4 billion liquid detergents portfolio in North America, which includes such brands as Tide, Gain, Cheer, Era and Dreft, with double-strength laundry detergents in packages that are half the regular size, MediaPost reports.

Known within the Cincinnati-based company as “Tide 2X,” the project is being touted as an environmental…

Decker Releases Interim Results On Two Million Mile B20 Test

twomillionmile.jpgDecker Truck Line is the first major trucking company to compare a soy biodiesel B20 blend to regular diesel in a comprehensive over-the-road test covering two million miles. Announced last fall, the Two Million Mile Haul has covered (PDF) 350,000 miles towards the goal.

“What we’ve observed so far is great performance in the particularly cold winter we just experienced, and reduced maintenance and engine wear benefits that equal or outweigh the slightly higher…

UPS Adds 50 Hybrid Electrics To Fleet

upshybridelectric.jpgUPS has expanded its fleet of alternative-fuel vehicles with the deployment of 50 next-generation hybrid electric delivery trucks.

The 50 hybrid electric vehicles will operate in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix.

The 50 new HEV package cars are expected to reduce fuel consumption by roughly 44,000 gallons…

Stora Enso Adds Third-party Chain-Of-Custody Certifications

storaenso5.jpgSix of Stora Enso’s North American mills have achieved third-party chain-of-custody certifications for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification programs. Stora Enso says it’s the first coated paper manufacturer in North America to achieve…

Beluga’s SkySail Could Cut Fuel Consumption 30%

skysail.jpgGerman shipping firm Beluga will launch its latest containership with a giant kite that flies 1,000 feet above the bow, Business 2.0 reports. It will cut fuel consumption by as much as 30 percent.

With carbon emissions from the shipping industry set to jump 75 percent by 2027, hybrid freighters…

FedEx Does ‘Surprisingly Poorly’ On Sustainability Reporting

royalmail.jpgOf the 12 companies in the Fortune Global 500 mail, freight, and shipping sectors whose environmental and sustainability reporting was analyzed (PDF) by the Roberts Environmental Center in 2006, Royal Mail Group (UK) was graded A+ and United Parcel Service (U.S.) and Deutsche Post (Germany) both received grades of A.

Almost half of the…

Supply Chains Clean Up Act With Carbon Emission Tracker

carbonview.jpgAustralia’s Supply Chain Consulting has released CarbonView, a system that the company says enables organizations to view and optimize their complete supply chain by looking at it from a financial and carbon perspective, Computerworld reports.

Supply Chain Consulting has been working with a number of carbon database suppliers globally to provide…

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