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N.H. Towns Look to Amelot for Biodiesel

Amelot Alternative Energy has met with Scott Pollack, the Director of the street department for the City of Nashua to discuss the use of Amelot’s Bio-Diesel product.  The City of Nashua, according to Amelot,  uses over 200,000 gallons of B20 diesel fuel per year in their city vehicles. Amelot also … Read more »

DaimlerChrysler Begins Diesel-Powered Vehicle Push

DaimlerChrysler will continue to expand its lineup of diesel-powered vehicles in the coming months, at the same time it broadens its programs to educate the American public on the benefits of home-grown biodiesel fuel. “Diesel will be good for America, and biodiesel makes diesel better,” said Loren Beard, Senior Manager … Read more »

Carmanah Provides Lighting for Norwalk’s Transit System

Carmanah recently announced a new product and a new contract for its solar products: A wireless solar-powered LED airfield light which it’s selling to China’s aviation market and a solar LED Lighting system for transit shelters such as bus stops. Carmanah recently won a transit lighting contract to supply the … Read more »

Solebury Township Aims for 100% Alternative Energy

Pennsylvania’s Solebury Township is moving forward with a series of studies that would provide direction for outfitting buildings with solar panels, batteries to collect unused solar energy and mechanical systems that rely on natural underground temperatures to heat and cool buildings. The township believes it can produce more energy than … Read more »

Shared-Car Services Attract Businesses

More and more business owners are using shared-car services instead of their own vehicles. In Washington D.C., Zipcar and Flexcar, two such services, have 530 shared cars, making them increasingly attractive to new kinds of customers, including universities and businesses, The Washington Post reports. Both Zipcar and Flexcar have received … Read more »

Waste Management Turns Conservation into Advertising Tool

Companies are beginning to realize the public relations’ benefits of going green. Waste Management has introduced a new television advertising campaign that focuses on environmental messages, including its role as a major recycler. Waste Management identified three messages from the company’s 2005 environmental performance to highlight during the campaign, Recycling … Read more »

E85 Drives Poorer Fuel Economy

Consumer Reports has concluded that E85 ethanol will cost consumers more money than gasoline and that there are concerns about whether the government’s support of flexible fuel vehicles can really help the U.S. achieve energy independence. CR’s testing found that: E85 provides fewer miles per gallon, costs more, and is … Read more »

Expedia Lines Up Behind TerraPass

Expedia and TerraPass have partnered in a program to offer Flight TerraPasses to travelers when they buy plane tickets. This is the first program of its size and scope in the travel industry. Expedia will offer TerraPass to every U.S. traveler who buys a plane ticket through their web site. … Read more »

Michigan Funds 1,000 E85 Pumps

Michigan is setting aside $250,000 in federal funds for service station owners to offer alternative fuels with the goal of  1,000 pumps being installed or converted by 2008. That would increase the number of Michigan pumps now offering E85 by 20 percent. Service station owners will have to pay at … Read more »