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The Role of Manufacturing in the Circular Economy

Connecting All the Arrows A while back in the last posting (July?!) the circular economy was included in the discussion about the role of people and the “3rd machine age.” The start of the discussion reminded us all of the Ricoh Comet Circle with the forward and reverse supply chain loops. You’ll … Read more »

Circular Economy (and Global Material and Waste Flows), Part III

Circular Economy (and Global Material and Waste Flows), Part III

Where does everything go? The last posting on the circular economy (CE) was back in August 2014 and discussed how to measure progress and the role of big data. The focus was on more sustainable behavior and how we might encourage consumers to consider sustainable products. In that context manufacturing needed to … Read more »

Axes of Resiliency as Relating to Green Manufacturing

Response, recovery, regeneration I continue here my discussion on “resiliency” and how it relates to green and sustainable manufacturing. Recall that I started with a standard dictionary definition of resiliency as the capability of a body under strain to recover its original size and shape after some external disturbance or … Read more »

Leveraging Manufacturing, Part II

My last article began to dig into the leveraging discussion and started to elaborate on this topic using an example. The example was  from a recent paper from our research group at Berkeley and focused on an important aspect of vehicles and transportation – the gear train. The efficiency of … Read more »

Leveraging Manufacturing, Part I

I recently finished a long series of articles on the power of the digital age in the form of software to connect the designer to the process, with an eye to achieving all the normal requirements of a product but, in addition, incorporating measures to drive sustainable product design and … Read more »

Tools of the Manufacturing Trade, Part VI

More Comments on Software In my last article, I posed the question, “Suppose you want to take some action – either at the design end or the manufacturing end. What tools can you rely on after you’ve done the background work and now want to move on to execution?” The … Read more »

Tools of the Manufacturing Trade, Part V

Software to the rescue… In part 4 of this series, I introduced the idea of the “design to production pipeline.”  This was to illustrate the design to manufacturing continuum and show a strategy whereby the designer, looking into the pipeline from the design perspective, could see the follow-on steps and … Read more »

Tools of the Green Manufacturing Trade, Part 4

Building the Green Manufacturing Pipeline In a recent article, I discussed the concept of “ubiquitously green” as we were getting into the green manufacturing subject in greater detail. I cited Miriam Webster (aka “the dictionally”) for a definition of ubiquitous as “existing or being everywhere at the same time;  constantly … Read more »

Tools of the Green Manufacturing Trade, Part 3

This is a continuation of my discussion of the the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit and related items. In case you’ve missed the past two posting you can see the first here and the second here. Last time we looked at the seven defined steps … Read more »

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