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Green Infrastructure: The Next New Deal

In an economy that continues to teeter on the brink of a second Depression, the government remains the largest employer in the United States. In the private sector, the top two employers are Wal-Mart and McDonald’s respectively, together acting as the last stopgap for unskilled labor. With manufacturing jobs becoming … Read more »

How Online Learning Can Get You Closer to Being a Green Business

Green business is big business. Being labeled a green business has rapidly moved from an afterthought to the top of the priority list, and while there are multitudes of ways to help your company be more sustainable, some of the easiest and most effective steps involve altering existing business practices.  … Read more »

How the Food Safety Bill May Affect the Nature of Organic Farming

America has never been known for our highly refined culinary tastes. The food powerhouses of the world tend to sneer slightly when considering the average American’s appreciation of fine food, influenced as it is by a culture that rejects savoring in favor of speed. However, hope has dawned on the … Read more »

Why It’s Time to Start Producing Waste

Considering industrial waste is an unlikely beginning for the typical company seeking innovative ways to become sustainable. Usually, waste is seen only as an output, not an input, but it’s time for a paradigm shift. For the past century, waste was produced with reckless abandon.  Considerations such as decomposition, landfill … Read more »

How to Avoid Greenwashing and Label Your Product Correctly

Yes, greenwashing exists. Yes, people do it intentionally and unintentionally. And yes, it’s probable that behind any company promoting a green agenda you will most likely be able to find a practice or two that does not completely conform to sustainable practices. However, as I’ve discussed before, “environmentally friendly” means … Read more »

5 Reasons Why Green Marketing Is a New World

Unlike the physically bounded geographic world, the “new frontiers” of marketing are continually emerging for the next great advertising explorers. However, just as Giovanni da Verrazano’s explorations led to his demise at the hands of cannibalistic natives, overly audacious marketing adventures can be fatal; if not to your life then … Read more »

Green Marketing: How It Works and When to Use It

Marketing specialists are in agreement: green marketing campaigns exist and their clients should have one.  The debate begins when the question turns to actually knowing what green marketing is and the best way to employ it. Although the rampant confusion is understandable due to the current amorphous nature of green … Read more »

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