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Seeking Sustainability? Encourage Discussion of Conflicting Viewpoints

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Walter Lippman once said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” Perhaps it is fortunate that varying opinions abound within corporations concerning “doing what is right and sustainable.” But regrettably, in relation to sustainable strategies, company leaders rarely encourage and seldom enable enterprise-wide airing … Read more »

How to Engage in Sustainability with Higher Purpose

Most of us who lead companies want to establish organizations and businesses that are sustainable for the long-run.  We understand that our ability to achieve this goal is dependent on our stakeholders – especially our employees.  Apparently many business leaders believe that employee engagement efforts are at least partially the … Read more »

Employee Engagement: Why Do It If You Can’t Do it Right?

All of us who own, manage or lead companies long for employees who are productive and engaged with their work. In fact an increasing number of business leaders have come to believe that employee engagement is a key to business success. Evidence supports this belief.  In a recent Environmental Leader … Read more »

Why Sustainable Companies Have More Engaged Employees

Labor Day has come and gone.  Many of us will reluctantly turn our attention away from summer diversions and will approach our work with renewed focus. As we head into autumn with its relentless schedule of deadlines, meetings, and other challenges, I suggest that we all take some time to … Read more »

Sustainable Innovation: What Some Leaders Do that Others Don’t

HH Dow, the founder of Dow Chemical Company, once said, “If you can’t do it better, why do it?”  That quote captures the commitment to innovation, which thrives in organizations where leaders are dedicated to making a difference in the long-term sustainability of their companies and their world.  And what … Read more »

Executing Your Sustainability Strategy: Three Critical Steps

So you have completed your corporate sustainability strategy. Now what? Will your company take a collective deep breath and jump into execution? If you are like many other well-meaning companies, you will find that the presentation of the strategy is less than half the battle.  Once the strategy is complete, … Read more »

Two Cultural Pillars in Dow Chemical’s Sustainability Strategy

Dow Chemical has been on a clear sustainability journey since the early 90s. However, in 2006 they set sustainability goals for year 2015 that became game-changers for the entire company. While all of the goals are impressive, two in particular stand out. Dow committed to the daring goal of achieving … Read more »

Valvoline Mobilizes Commitment to ‘Green’

When looking for ways to ‘green their business’, leaders search for approaches that work. Unfortunately, cookie cutter solutions aren’t out there. Valvoline, a brand of Ashland Inc. based in Lexington, Kentucky, mobilized organizational commitment to its “green” strategy by: 1.    Focusing on the company’s core competencies 2.    Defining and communicating … Read more »

Sustainability: Can Leaders Meet the Challenge?

What are you doing to lead your company towards greater sustainability? If you cannot answer that question with conviction today, take a closer look at what is happening in the world around you. It seems that almost all companies believe that sustainability strategy is necessary for competitiveness in the future, … Read more »

Environmental Lessons Learned from 2010

As we enter 2011, we join much of the Western world in reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the New Year. First, we celebrate our clients’ increased awareness of issues pertaining to environmental sustainability. Their raised attentiveness to environmental concerns leaves us optimistic for their actions in … Read more »

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