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BioAmber | BIO-SA

“An innovative approach”

BioAmber’s biosuccinic acid (BIO-SA™) is a new and innovative replacement for petrochemicals, which reduces energy consumption, pollution emissions, and the use of fossil feedstocks; providing safer and superior performing alternatives to Chemicals of Concern. BioAmber chemicals are produced more economically, cleanly and sustainably than petrochemical alternatives. BioAmber ‘s proprietary fermentation and downstream process uses raw materials from agriculture or forestry to develop BIO-SA™. This chemical costs less, is of higher purity, has renewable feedstock flexibility, and a carbon neutral/net zero process that the judges agree is an excellent concept.

One judge assessed, “This will be a useful methodology for many ingredients as long as the starting sources of material are sustainable. Many companies want to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and packaging and this may be an innovative way of doing that.” Another added that it has the potential to make “a major impact environmentally” and called it an “innovative approach.”

BIO-SA provides sustainable chemical building blocks, with immediate market solutions.
•         Polyurethanes: the only renewable alternative to adipic acid in polyurethane applications such as polyester polyols.

•         Cosmetics & Personal Care: effective, all-natural emollients (for lotions, liquid soaps, cleansers to improve and moisturize skin) and surfactants (for soaps, body washes, shampoos for easier spreading).

•         De-icing: succinate salts with far better corrosion profile than incumbents for use on roads, bridges, runways and walkways.

•         Resins & Coatings: environmental advantages and cost-effectiveness to petroleum-based phthalic acid and adipic acid in polyester coating resins, powder coatings, unsaturated polyester resins and urethane surface coatings.

•         Food & Flavors: natural alternative to petro-derived succinic to increase tartness or acidity of food, as pH regulator and flavoring agent.

•         Lubricants: environmentally friendly base oils and additives in industrial lubricants and metal-working fluids, with improved viscosity in cold temperatures, better prevention of oxidation and corrosion.

This new development is a great find and has multiple applications. BioAmber’s renewable process also consumes significant quantities of CO? and can therefore be an important contributor in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A winning product for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint on multiple levels.

Learn more at BioAmber.

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