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RecycleMatch | Materials Marketing and Management Platform

“A great offering”

RecycleMatch, an award-winning software company with the vision of a zero-waste future, offers a cloud-based software that helps enterprise organizations manage waste as a resource, turning a cost center into a profit center. Their goal is to build the largest, most trusted marketplace for waste.

“This online management tool is a great offering,” says one judge. “It allows businesses who want to take control of their waste streams the ability to do so, allowing them to insure waste is going where it needs to go, and maximize the price they receive for it. I think any company that has large enough waste streams to make RecycleMatch beneficial should be looking at this service.”

RecyleMatch claims to help businesses and organizations:
·         make more money via a competitive, transparent sales process for scrap or byproducts;
·         save money by accelerating landfill diversion through both passive and active processes for discovering new markets and uses for materials;
·         save money by streamlining business processes for managing waste as a resource.

For sellers, scope 3 emissions, lifecycle carbon estimates and progress towards zero-waste goals are all calculated based on auditable real-time data so that waste-related sustainability goals are easier to measure. Already in use in many major industries, RecycleMatch has proven to be effective in the following ways:

Using RecycleMatch, Chevron replaced 180,000 pounds of glass windows after Hurricane Ike hit Houston. RecycleMatch’s technology identified a solution to recycle these hard-to-recycle materials, which saved Chevron money and enabled their building to keep its LEED certification status.

Shaw Industries achieved a 56% higher price-per-pound sales price vs. an offline process in comparable testing. Because Shaw sells an estimated $40 million a year in byproducts, the system can contribute to a significant increase in revenue.

An automotive parts manufacturer used RecycleMatch to find a new market for an ongoing stream of 2,200 tons/year of byproduct going to the landfill, and disposal fees of approzimately $4 million/year. RecycleMatch’s platform matched them with a buyer who was able to extract an estimated $2.2 million/year value from the material, creating an estimated carbon reduction of -9324MT CO2e. The manufacturer achieved their zero-waste goals three years ahead of target.

For buyers, RecycleMatch provides alerts on new materials available, and participating bidders know if their bid is in first place, or if they are #5 out of 20 bids. This feedback allows them to gauge market demand, enabling them to bid accordingly. The improved visibility translates to a lower total cost to source materials, the company says.

Learn more at RecycleMatch.

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