Environmental Leader Conference 2016 Agenda


Noon – 1:00pm

Workshop Registration

Workshop A

Step One of Your Corporate Sustainability Program: Green Your Facilities

A panel of ISS subject matter experts will provide a roadmap for creating green facilities that minimize operating costs and maximize employee satisfaction and productivity. Sustainable Facility Management is built on the following foundation:

  • Green cleaning with the right cleaners and tools
  • Energy and water management to lower your carbon footprint and save money
  • Zero waste initiatives to reduce costs and feed the circular economy
  • Air quality and optimum temperature programs to increase employee productivity

Dan Gilbert

Global Sustainability Lead-HP
& ISS Subject Matter Experts

ISS Facility Services

Workshop B

The Circular Economy and the Role of Manufacturing

Defining the circular economy and the role of manufacturing to enable the circular economy will be detailed and examples of real life application presented. Highlights include:

  • Definition of the circular economy
  • Defining the critical elements of manufacturing, processes and systems
  • Material selection for circularity
  • End of life considerations
  • Examples of circular economy and manufacturing innovation

Lawrence Black

Senior Advisor Waste Management

McDonough Innovation Collaboration


Environmental Leader 2016 Conference Welcome Reception

Meet your peers and converse about the key learnings you’ve gained from the day’s workshops over drinks and hors d’oeuvres, as well as receiving a real Denver Welcome!



Conference Registration and Networking Breakfast Buffet

Meet and network with attendees during the breakfast buffet.


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Paul Nastu

Founder & President

Environmental Leader, Energy Manager Today,
Business Sector Media, LLC

Jerry Tinianow

Chief Sustainability Officer

Office of the Mayor / City and County of Denver


Opening Keynote: Measuring, Baselining and Managing Environmental Performance

Mari Kay Scott is GM’s lead for environmental expertise in manufacturing and non-manufacturing ensuring compliance across GM’s facilities. Scott will share how GM manages environmental performance by engaging its workforce.

Mary Kay Scott

Mari Kay Scott

Executive Director of Global Environmental Compliance and Sustainability


9:45am-10:25am CONCURRENT TRACKS

The Drive for Disclosure: What Matters, What Doesn’t and What May Be Transformational

From stakeholder expectations to shareholder activism, companies face a new standard for disclosure. But are they disclosing what is most material or simply satisfying a request to avoid a shareholder resolution? The objective of this presentation is to present the challenges, choices and opportunities companies are facing as expectations for transparency and disclosure continue to escalate.

Sandy Bessing

Sandy Nessing

Managing Director Sustainability

American Electric Power


Establishing a Water Footprint Baseline, Reducing Use and the Drive to Net-Zero

Much like assessing the energy performance of a building, quantifying your organization’s Water Footprint by establishing a facility water balance gives your organization a baseline from which to set water reduction goals, benchmark against industry peers and identify opportunities to minimize, capture and reuse water. The presentation will feature the Tyson Living Learning Center at in St. Louis, one of the first buildings in the world to achieve the Living Building Challenge Certification of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Cascadia Region Green Building Council.

John Hazlett

Manager Water-Footprinting-Services

Williams Creek Consulting

Ann Dougherty, PE

General Manager of Sustainability

Roppe Holding Company

Neil Myers


Williams Creek



10:40am-11:30am CONCURRENT TRACKS

Continual Improvement and Six Sigma for Sustainability and Environmental Performance Improvement

Many environmental leaders struggle with resources to apply to performance improvement. Getting sustainability and environmental improvement projects prioritized in Operational Excellence efforts can be difficult.

This presentation will demonstrate how environmental leaders can easily use existing resources, human resources that are already in their organizations, for performance improvement. With just a few modifications of common performance improvement methods, important strategic sustainability improvements can be achieved without adding staff.

Holly Duckworth

VP of Continuous Improvement

Kaiser Aluminum


The Tiger Team Approach to Energy Efficiency

This presentation will cover the Lockheed Martin Tiger team approach to energy efficiency in direct operations and the resulting savings. The process is wholly replicable and efficacious in delivering operational savings. Attendees will learn:

  • What the key aspects of the Tiger Team Concept are
  • The footprint of facility types where the Concept has been deployed and what the results have been including:
    • Cost avoidance and savings for both energy reductions (GHG emissions)
    • The operational costs of this approach
Maribeth Malloy

Maribeth Malloy

Director, Environmental Sustainability & External Engagement

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Product A

Ensuring the Success of Global EMIS Projects

An EMIS underpins a company's management system and gives the company a place to outline its policies, risks, and performance. For example, if an organization has hundreds of plants across the world, and each plant is left alone to choose how they're going to collect and manage hundreds or thousands of data points, everything being reported from the plants will be inconsistent: there is no way of knowing if data from plant one is measured the same way as plant two.

This session will outline the key steps to ensure successful global EMIS projects and provide real stories of project implementations and results.

Dorney Douglass

Senior Director of the Operational Excellence & Risk Management


Product B

Driving Operational Engagement & Performance in Environmental Compliance Programs

Industry best practices and lessons learned across Air, Water and Waste for engaging all levels of the organization in compliance program activities through the use of mobile devices and real-time analytics and insights into facility and enterprise performance. Learn about innovative solutions that enable data capture with mobile devices and QR codes on activity points (e.g., emission sources, waste collection points) through real-time communication of performance insights.

Donavan Hornsby

Vice President

Gensuite, LLC

Chris Pansing

Director, Services & Environmental Compliance

Gensuite, LLC

Product A

Improving Compliance Economics: Leveraging Technology to Better Protect People, Places and Profits

On paper, managing compliance is a relatively straightforward affair. But in the real world maintaining clarity, scaling up and keeping everyone on the same page is a huge challenge. And it's a challenge that costs global industry billions when efforts fall short. Join Enviance Chief Executive Officer David Muse as he shares ways technology can help improve compliance economics.

David Muse



Product B

The Enterprise Sustainability Journey: Considerations for Long Lasting Success

When companies reach out to software companies/consultancy practices to gain efficiency in their EHS programs, they often come from a stage of having numerous (often many hundred) point solutions that have been implemented over several years. This joint session serves to provide attendees with not only a confirmation of the business/operational challenges that are common to EHS programs, but also insight into how clients leverage a true enterprise solution in tandem with a leading EHS consultancy practice to create a world class EHS program.

Some of the key topics that the business cases will cover:

  • Challenges of current programs, i.e. Higher program costs due to Integration inefficiencies, disparate systems, etc
  • How a leading enterprise-wide platform can address those challenges
  • The steps that a knowledgeable EHS consultancy practice can deliver to drive efficiencies across multiple business units
  • How the sustainability journey continues long after initial implementation of a solution

Kaushik Patel, Ph.D

Client Success Manager


Lucas Wolfenden

EHS Information Management Lead


1:00 PM

Environmental Leader Conference 2016 Exhibits Open


Networking Lunch

Enjoy a fabulous meal at the Hyatt and network with speakers, attendees and vendors.


Corporate & Industrial Renewable Energy Procurement Strategies

This panel will cover best practices and examples of commercial, industrial and university-related renewable energy procurements, looking at the opportunities and barriers that influence success. Attendees will leave understanding the key issues to consider and manage as their own organizations consider renewable energy, and will have a much better sense of what’s possible in this market.

Blaine Collison

Managing Director, Network Services


Andrew Wilson

Senior Counsel


Rob Threlkeld

Global Manager-Renewable Energy



Environmental Management for Complex Organizations

Comprehensive environmental management can become more challenging as organizations grow in size and complexity. Scott Morrissey will discuss how Denver International Airport (DEN) uses a management system approach to proactively address environmental and sustainability issues. As the 5th busiest airport in the United States, DEN’s size and scale require proactive environmental management and sustainable strategies across a wide variety of issues, including energy, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, waste diversion, and environmental planning. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Key projects-past, present and future
  • Future plans relevant to all organizations trying to better understand their impacts
  • How organizations can proactively plan for sustainable growth
  • Managing sustainability across organizations with many disparate activities
Scott Morrissey

Scott Morrissey

Director of  Environmental Services

Denver International Airport


EHS Priorities: Risks Versus Opportunities

This presentation will offer EHS and sustainability senior leaders options and ideas for developing and implementing strategic roadmaps for their organizations through risk-based analysis and decision-making. The session is focused on pragmatic experience but does build upon theory, concepts and methodology, both from academics and industry practices.

Dennis Hu

Dennis Hu

Director, EHS and Systems Safety Engineering

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.


Driving climate change and sustainability in government operations

Federal and local government entities not only have the task of preparing for climate change impacts upon their constituents, but also in addressing the implications of climate change and environmental sustainability considerations upon their operations. Join senior officials from the City of Denver, U.S. General Services Administration, National Park Service and the U.S. Department of Energy for a discussion on building organizational capacity to tackle these challenges and lessons learned from their efforts thus far.

Daniel M. Kreeger

Executive Director

Association of Climate Change Officers

Frank Rukavina

Director of Sustainability

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Marion M. R. Buntyn

Regional Recycling and Green Purchasing Program Manager

United States General Services Administration


New EHS Research Unveiled & Environmental Leader Awards Ceremony

Presentation Summary:

How can Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) business leaders help take their organizations to new levels of operational performance while coping with tougher resource constraints? Despite implementing management systems, many organizations reach EHS performance plateaus, and continue to experience costly events such as workplace injuries, production interruptions, and brand damage. Recent findings from LNS Research can help business leaders operationalize their EHS management systems by leveraging next-generation technologies such as Big Data analytics, cloud computing, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The potential to close the gap between EHS strategy and execution will be illustrated with practical use cases, and actionable recommendations will be provided.

The presentation will culminate with the announcement and presentation of trophies to the winning entrees from Environmental Leader’s Fifth Annual Product and Project Awards and a discussion of the trends presented by these ground-breaking products and projects.

Peter S. Bussey

Research Analyst, Environment, Health and Safety

LNS Research


Environmental Leader Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres among the exhibitions while you network with award winners, our industry-leading judges, attendees and vendors during this high-profile networking reception.



Conference Registration and Networking Breakfast Buffet

Meet and network with attendees during the breakfast buffet.


Operational Excellence – Unlocking Efficiency in Operations

Year after year organizations see increasing mandates for compliance & managing risk yet are being pressed to drive more efficiency in their operations. Industry leaders are increasingly looking toward a programmatic management-system approach to Operational Excellence to identify and mitigate the associated costs of unplanned disruptions, and to unlock performance improvements through greater operating discipline. IHS will share insight into best practices for implementing Operational Excellence Management Systems with a focus on how the correct enablement of core operating processes, such as process safety, human safety, environmental performance and compliance assurance, can transform the performance of the organization.

J. Scott Lockhart

J. Scott Lockhart

SVP, Operational Excellence & Risk Management



Commercial and Industrial Waste Management Solutions

Explore the latest solutions involving commercial and industrial waste management, including waste audits and how to improve processes. This panel will discuss straightforward actions you can take to audit your waste streams and develop strategies to reduce waste, achieve higher diversion and deal with hazardous waste.

Graham Russell

Founder and Principal

Trupoint Advisors

Ryan McMullan, MESM, CSM

Environmental & Safety Manager

Toyota Motor Sales

Scott Chizanskos

Environmental Safety Manager

DISH Network L.L.C.


Environmental Leader Conference Exhibits Open

10:25am-11:05am CONCURRENT TRACKS

Building Intelligence as Energy Efficiency Driver

This panel will discuss the business case and impacts of investing and implementing intelligent building technologies in commercial facilities.

Alvin Chen

Research Analyst

Navigant Research

Eric Dominguez

Facilities, Engineering & Sustainability

Caesars Entertainment

Jessica Morris

Director of Application Engineering

Digital Lumens

Jason Page

Interim Executive Director

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado


Integrating Compliance Across a Major Acquisition

The acquisition of a large company can present many EHS&S-related challenges, complexities, and opportunities. Legacy processes within the parent company often need to be adapted or updated significantly in order to effectively manage a wide range of new businesses and operations. This presentation will examine the EHS&S dimensions associated with the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) by Xerox Corporation in 2010 and the ongoing efforts to establish a harmonized approach across a global company with 130,000 employees and several hundred sites. The session will cover the significant challenges, lessons learned, and general approach to developing and implementing a practical compliance strategy within a large acquisition.

Topics to be discussed include:

Michael Boyack

Director, EHS&S

Xerox Corporation


Networking and Table Top Discussions

Attendees engage with their peers to discuss issues impacting their organizations, sharing challenges and solutions of what works and what doesn’t!

11:50am-12:30pm CONCURRENT TRACKS
Product A

2016 Environmental Leader Award Environmental/Sustainability Management Winners Panel

2016 Environmental Leader Award Winners Panel

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards! Join a us to hear from the winners of the 2016 Awards to learn more details of their projects and insights on how they drove successful environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Jessica Hardcastle


Environmental Leader

Product B

2016 Environmental Leader Award Energy Management Winners Panel

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards! Join a us to hear from the winners of the 2016 Awards to learn more details of their projects and insights on how they drove successful energy management initiatives.

Ken Silverstein


Business Sector Media


Networking Lunch

Enjoy a fabulous meal from the Hyatt and network with speakers, attendees and vendors.


Environmental Leader Conference Exhibits Close


Going Beyond Basic Regulatory Compliance and Eco Labeling Schemes: Making an Orderly Transition to Safer Chemicals, Materials and Products

This session will outline new tools, resources and transparency standards that are now available to help purchasers, product manufacturers and suppliers make better informed decisions about the chemicals, materials and alternatives. This presentation also features the role of supply chain transparency and chemicals management in driving the transition to safer and more sustainable products and processes.

Attendees will learn emerging chemical management and alternatives assessment standards, resources and tools including Health Product Declarations, BizNGO Guide to Safer Chemicals, Green Screen®, EPA Safer Choice, Life Cycle Assessments and Chemical Footprint Project.

In addition attendees will learn:

  • How to attract more sustainable suppliers and build a collaborative and transparent supplier relationship
  • How to achieve direct and externality cost savings associated with eliminating or substantially reducing toxins and/or product based pollution in facilities, operations and supply chains
  • How to identify products containing toxins and/or product based pollution in products
  • How to request, compare and specify safer and more sustainable materials and product alternatives from product makers and suppliers
  • How to establish, measure and improve product manufacturer and supplier accountability

Roger McFadden

Ex-Vice President/Senior Scientist


Justin Murrill

Global Sustainability Manager

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Mark S. Rossi, PhD

Executive Director

Clean Production Action


ISO Standards and your Sustainability and EHS Programs

ISO 14001:2015 maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. It can be used by any organization regardless of its activity or sector. Using ISO 14001:2015 can provide assurance to company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved. This session will cover:

  • The major changes in the 2015 update
  • Approaches to implementing the requirements
  • What manufacturers may require from suppliers
  • How to drive improvement with the requirement

David Meyer

Senior Consultant, Manager

BSI EHS Services and Solutions

Robert Polito

EHS Solution Engineer/SME

cr360, a part of UL EHS Sustainability Team

Keith McKnight

Program Manager - EHS Informatics



Commercial and Industrial Strategies for Meeting Environmental Requirements

Join federal, state and industry leaders for a timely discussion of environmental reforms, regulations and procedures being used to promote transparent and environmentally-preferable processes.

Learn about the tools available to meet new reporting requirements and discuss timely EPA/Industry rules, such as:

  • TSCA
  • Boiler MACT
  • Hazardous waste generator improvements
  • Emissions rules
  • eReporting initiatives

Jeffrey Yorzyk, PE, CEM, MBA

Senior Asset Sustainability Specialist, Government Services Division


Craig Moyer

Chair, Land, Environment and Natural Resources Practice

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Martha E. Rudolph

Director of Environmental Programs

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Lucas Wolfenden

EHS&S Information Management Lead



Planning Regenerative Projects

This session will cover regenerative design and development and how systems such as buildings and agriculture can produce net benefits to natural systems and environmental quality. Panelists will provide information on the processes they have implemented and ways for other companies to approach projects and get started. The panel will discuss ways that companies approach projects which:

  • Lower energy use and carbon emissions
  • Improve biodiversity and water quality
  • Sequester carbon
Josh Prigge

Josh Prigge

Director of Regenerative Development

Fetzer Vineyards

Lawrence Black

Senior Advisor

Waste Management McDonough Innovation Collaboration

Rob Whittier

Director of Environmental Sustainability

Vail Resorts


The Recycling Myth: Pitfalls of the Past and Present Leading to Disruptive Innovation in the Future

The challenge facing many corporations, goals to reduce waste, manage resources, or to be better stewards to the environment is that its policies are often ‘incremental innovations’ within its overall supply chain system. That is insufficient if the goal is to do so while also achieving market growth. There are many examples of this problem, such as the one that exists in the presenter's industry of consumer products and packaging waste, which is approximately 600-700 million beverage containers a day. Corporate leaders should consider different strategies for the future: ones that focus on environmental sustainability to achieve new markets and growth rather than seeking to retrofit existing markets and supply chain systems. This session will provide specific case examples of how the future of environmental sustainability will drive market growth, and vice versa, in the fields of:

  • Consumer products
  • Waste management
  • Product development/material science

Jack Buffington

Supply Chain Leader/Post Doc Researcher

Royal Institute of Technology/MillerCoors


Solutions for Reducing your GHG Footprint

This panel will discuss innovative ways companies are addressing emissions and the reduction of greenhouse gases from their commercial and industrial operations. Learn the details on how companies plan projects and measure results.

Josh Prigge

David Harpring

Director, Global Engineering & Sustainability

Yum! Brands

Dr. Andree Blesgen

Senior Process Engineer

Evonik Corporation

Ken Silverstein

Editor in Chief

Business Sector Media

Dan Kubala

Director, Retail Energy Management Development

Siemens Retail & Commercial Systems (RCS)


Closing Keynote: Mitigating Company Water Risks

As the economic costs of severe weather and climate change increase, companies facing water scarcity should take steps to assess and mitigate their risks through active management.

This session will help companies:

  • Understand the current state of water risks at the watershed level
  • Engage internally at the facility or corporate level and externally with local stakeholders to evaluate the risks and impact
  • Report externally and seek independent assurance
  • Understand where water poses material risks to their operations and supply chains
  • Develop a corporate water policy
Roger McFadden

Nelson Switzer

Chief Sustainability Officer

Nestle Waters North America


Event Close