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Guest Columns

Jen Ace / Climate Earth

Jen Ace

Jen Ace is Director of Client Engagement at Climate Earth, which uses Enterprise Carbon Accounting to help companies understand the carbon footprint of their entire business – including the supply chain…. Read more

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Todd Adelman / Trade Wings

Todd Adelman

Trade Wings’ Chief Executive Officer and Founder Todd Adelman is passionate about driving business model innovation within the Telecom industry. With more than 20 years of supply chain and asset management experience, Todd leads a number of strategic initiatives designed to establish Trade Wings as a trusted authority on the development and implementation of reuse optimization strategies for network assets. … Read more

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George Ahn / TRIRIGA

Frequent Contributor

George Ahn

George Ahn is President and Chief Executive Officer of TRIRIGA. He has more than 18 years of software industry leadership…. Read more

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Kim Allen / Technology Forecasters

Kim Allen

Kim Allen consults with TFI clients on environmental leadership, roadmapping, carbon footprinting, and benchmarking. She has seven years experience in market analysis with iSuppli Corp., mainly in the areas of emerging electronic display technology and cost modeling. Her work included creating the first quantitative forecasts for new technologies, helping clients commercialize products, and speaking at international business conferences. Read more

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Manniche Alves / Foresight Science & Technology

Frequent Contributor

Manniche Alves

Manniche Alves is a commercialization analyst for Foresight Science and Technology. Read more

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Ron Ambrosio / IBM

Ron Ambrosio

Ron Ambrosio is the Global Research Executive for Energy & Utilities at IBM, which celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2011.  IBM’s DeepQA system, Watson, uses breakthrough analytics to analyze and interpret massive amounts of data, before providing the best answer to a list of broad questions based on collated evidence. Read more

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Jeffrey Anderle / Sustainable Rhythm

Jeffrey Anderle

Jeffrey Anderle is owner of Sustainable Rhythm, a company which provides speaking, advising and consulting services in the sustainable building industry to help product, professional-service and community clients identify market entry, penetration and expansion opportunities. … Read more

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Bruce Anderson / IBM

Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson is the IBM’s Global General Manager for the Electronics industry. He has over 25 years of experience in the application of technology to supply chain problems…. Read more

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Ray Anderson / Interface, Inc.

Ray Anderson

Ray C. Anderson is the chairman and founder of Atlanta-based Interface, Inc., a $1 billion carpet manufacturer, and the author of Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist, now out in paperback from St. Martin’s Griffin. Read more

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Tod Arbogast / Dell Inc.

Tod Arbogast

Tod Arbogast is director of Sustainable Business at Dell Inc.Read more

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Steve Baczko / EcoSecurities

Steve Baczko

Steve Baczko is Senior Commercialization Manager at EcoSecurities, a recognized carbon market pioneer that has amassed one of the industry’s largest and most diversified portfolios of carbon credits…. Read more

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Bill Baue / Addison

Bill Baue

Bill Baue, Interactive CSR Media Consultant at Addison, is also a contributor and curator of the Murninghan Post, where this article originally appeared. Read more

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Tim Becken / Cemstone Products Company

Tim Becken

Tim Becken is Senior Vice President of Operations for Cemstone Products Company. Read more

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Frances Beinecke / Natural Resources Defense Council

Frances Beinecke

Frances Beinecke is President of the Natural Resources Defense Council…. Read more

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Dan Bena / PepsiCo International

Dan Bena

Dan Bena is Director of Sustainability, Health, Safety and Environment at PepsiCo International. He will be sharing his insights on water at the upcoming World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Water Core Working Group…. Read more

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Jon Bentley / IBM

Jon Bentley

Jon Z. Bentley is IBM‘s consulting leader for green and sustainability issues in the UK and Northeastern Europe…. Read more

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Michael Bernier / Ernst & Young LLP

Michael Bernier

Michael Bernier is a member of Ernst & Young LLP’s Tax Credit Investment Advisory Services practice, with a focus in renewable energy…. Read more

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Brian Boeheim /

Brian Boeheim

Brian Boeheim is author of the new book, “Political Common Sense For America: Energy – It Just Doesn’t Add Up.”… Read more

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Don Bray / AltaTerra Research

Don Bray

Don Bray is the President of AltaTerra Research and co-author of the recently released report, “Enterprise Sustainability Management Solutions: Reference Architecture and Buyer’s Guide”. Read more

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Andy Briggs / WYG

Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs is Technical Director of WYG, a global consultancy specialising in infrastructure and advisory services, working in partnership with clients in over 40 countries throughout the world. WYG is focused on providing high quality, value added professional services by optimising its skills in Buildings & Critical Infrastructure, Transport Solutions, Risk & Assurance Services and Energy & Sustainability. Read more

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Parker Brugge / Consumer Electronics Association

Parker Brugge

Parker Brugge is the Vice President of Environment Affairs & Industry Sustainability at the Consumer Electronics Association. For more information on how to green your design practices please visit ce.org/green. For more information on how consumers can reduce their ecological footprint, please… Read more

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Gregory Burkart / Duff & Phelps

Gregory Burkart

Gregory Burkart is a managing director in the Detroit office of independent financial advisory and investment banking firm Duff & Phelps. His 13 years of experience includes specialization in the structuring and negotiating of government-sponsored economic development incentive packages…. Read more

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Teresa Burrelsman / Eco Via Consulting

Teresa Burrelsman

Teresa Burrelsman is a senior sustainability consultant at Eco Via Consulting in Seattle. She has worked with private and public organizations on implementing green buildings and sustainability programs. She is also a member of the Sustainability Collaboration Network, a multi-disciplinary consultant collective… Read more

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Peter Capozucca / Deloitte Consulting

Peter Capozucca

Peter Capozucca is a principal withDeloitte Consulting and the consumer business leader of Deloitte’s Enterprise Sustainability group…. Read more

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Tim Carey / PepsiCo Chicago

Tim Carey

Tim Carey is Director for Sustainability and Technology at PepsiCo-Chicago…. Read more

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Eric Carlson / Carbonfund.org

Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson is President of Carbonfund.org, whose CarbonFree® Product Certification Program launched the first carbon neutral product label in the U.S. He can be contacted directly at ecarlson@carbonfund.org…. Read more

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Alex Carr / The Climate Registry

Alex Carr

Alex Carr is the Communications Director for The Climate Registry, the only voluntary GHG registry in North America supported by states, provinces, territories and tribes. … Read more

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Andrea Carruthers / Faegre & Benson

Andrea Carruthers

Andrea Carruthers is a partner in the real estate group at Faegre & Benson. She can be reached at acarruthers@faegre.com or 612.766.8520…. Read more

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Adam Carver / Student, University of Michigan

Adam Carvers

Adam Carver is a graduate student at the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan. The Erb Institute is a pioneering dual M.B.A. and M.S. program through The Ross School of Business and School of Natural Resources and Environment. Carver was named a 2011 winner of the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Awards at the University of Michigan. Read more

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Brad Cashaw / Quaker Foods and Snacks

Brad Cashaw

Brad Cashaw is Vice President of Quaker Foods and Snack’s Supply Chain and Sustainability efforts. Quaker is a division of PepsiCo…. Read more

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John Castellani / Business Roundtable

John Castellani

John Castellani is the President of Business Roundtable…. Read more

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Laura Cecere / AMR Research

Laura Cecere

Lora Cecere works for AMR Research…. Read more

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Roland W. Chalons-Browne / Siemens Financial Services Division

Frequent Contributor

Roland W. Chalons-Browne

Roland W. Chalons-Browne is President and CEO of  Siemens Financial Services GmbH; Munich. Based in Munich, he is responsible for leading Siemens Financial Services business worldwide. Roland has been CEO of Siemens Financial Services Inc. in the U.S. since October 2005. Read more

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Guy Champniss / Meltwater Consulting

Guy Champniss

Guy Champniss is co-author of ‘Brand Valued: How socially valued brands hold the key to a sustainable future and business success.’ (Wiley & Sons, June 2011). Guy is an independent strategy and brand consultant, and Managing Director of Meltwater Consulting, a London-based boutique brand strategy agency, focusing on sustainability and prosocial consumer behaviour. Please send comments to guy@meltwater-consulting.com. Read more

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Martin J. Chavez / ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA

Martin J. Chavez

Martin J. Chavez is a three-term former mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and current Executive Director of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, a membership organization of 630 U.S. local governments committed to climate protection and sustainable development…. Read more

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Graciela Chichilnisky / Columbia University

Graciela Chichilnisky

Professor Graciela Chichilnisky played a central role in designing and negotiating the carbon market that she drafted into the Kyoto Protocol. She is the director of the Columbia Consortium for Risk Management and professor of economics and statistics at Columbia University. Chichilnisky… Read more

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Joyce E. Coffee / Edelman Chicago

Joyce E. Coffee

Joyce E. Coffee, LEED AP, is vice president of CSR & Sustainability at Edelman Chicago. Read more

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Christopher Cole / Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Christopher Cole

Christopher Cole is Partner in the Litigation and Advertising, Marketing & Media practices at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips in the Washington, D.C. office. He has extensive experience in matters involving false advertising litigation – including the development, substantiation, approval and defense of advertising and labeling claims – and represents clients in such industries as environmental products and services, food and beverages, media and telecommunications, consumer products and pharmaceuticals. Mr. Cole can be reached at (202) 585-6524 or ccole@manatt.com. Read more

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John Connell / Connor Homes

Frequent Contributor

John Connell

John Connell is the Founder of Connor Homes, author of Homing Instinct (McGraw Hill) and The Inspired House (Taunton) and Principal of 2morrow Studio…. Read more

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David Constable / Lockheed Martin Corporation

David Constable

Dr. David Constable is the Corporate Vice President of Energy, Environment, Safety & Health (ESH) for Lockheed Martin Corporation. Dr. Constable oversees the ESH organization and sets ESH corporate policies. Read more

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Jon Constantino / Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Jon Constantino

Jon Costantino is a Senior Advisor in the Government practice of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, practicing in the Sacramento office. He manages complex political and regulatory issues for clients … Read more

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Catherine Corley / Sam’s Club

Catherine Corley

Catherine Corley is Vice President of Strategy for Sam’s Club, which published the white paper, “How to Be Green and Stay Lean: How Being Sustainable Can Save Your Business Money.”Read more

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Matt Courtland / The Natural Strategy

Frequent Contributor

Matt Courtland

Matt Courtland is the Senior Consultant at The Natural Strategy, a consulting firm based in Portsmouth, NH that works with business leaders to incorporate environmental sustainability into the core strategy of their organizations. Matt uses The Natural Strategy’s Eco-Position Survey to assess… Read more

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Maria Cramer / Hitachi Consulting

Maria Cramer

Maria Cramer is a director in the Organization Transformation Solutions practice at Hitachi Consulting. She has more than 10 years of change management experience with a specific focus in communications, change readiness and leadership development related to system and process implementations, and is… Read more

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Andris E. Cukurs / Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Andris E. Cukurs

Andris (Andy) E. Cukurs is chief executive of the U.S. operations of India-based Suzlon Energy Ltd., the world’s third-largest wind turbine manufacturer…. Read more

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John Davies / AMR Research

John Davies

John Davies is Vice President of Green Research at AMR Research, Inc. …. Read more

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Valerie Davis / Green Canary Sustainability Consulting

Frequent Contributor

Valerie Davis

Valerie Davis is CEO of EnviroMedia Social Marketing and President of Green Canary Sustainability Consulting…. Read more

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Michelle De Blasi / Quarles & Brady LLP

Michelle De Blasi

Michelle De Blasi is a Partner in the Environmental and Energy practices of Quarles & Brady LLP. De Blasi is also the Chair of the firm’s Solar Energy Industry Team…. Read more

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Janet Dedonato / Methodologie

Janet Dedonato

Janet DeDonato is CEO of Methodologie. In August, Methodologie will publish its latest Annual Review of Corporate Reports. In the coming weeks and months, as the Fortune 100 look back at 2010, new trends in corporate reporting will emerge. Expect a greater focus on standardized metrics, undoubtedly more reports will be tweeted and ‘liked’ and watch for the CSR report to be used as a valuable PR and marketing tool. Read more

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Ron Dembo / ZeroFootprint

Ron Dembo

Ron Dembo is founder and CEO of Zerofootprint, which provides software and services to governments, corporations and universities that measure and manage their carbon footprint, and engages people in combating climate change…. Read more

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Lori Anne Dolqueist / Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP

Lori Anne Dolqueist

Lori Anne Dolqueist is a Partner with law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP in San Francisco and focuses her practice on utility regulatory issues, particularly in matters involving water utilities. She has represented major water companies and a number of smaller water utilities in a variety of matters, including water policy proceedings. Read more

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David Dornfeld / University of California Berkeley

Frequent Contributor

David Dornfeld

David Dornfeld is the Will C. Hall Family Chair in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at University of California Berkeley. He leads the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability (LMAS), and he writes the Green Manufacturing blog…. Read more

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Dave Douglas / Sun Microsystems

Frequent Contributor

Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas is Chief Sustainability Officer at Sun Microsystems…. Read more

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Janelle Downing / Zpryme

Janelle Downing

Janelle Downing is a senior researcher at Zpryme. To learn more about the ZigBee Alliance sponsored V2G Report by Zpryme visit www.zpryme.com…. Read more

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William R. Doyle / Vystar Corporation

William R. Doyle

William R. Doyle is the president and CEO of Vystar Corporation, the exclusive creator of Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex, a multi-patented, all-natural raw material that contains significantly reduced levels of the antigenic proteins found in natural rubber latex. He can be reached at (770) 965-0383. … Read more

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Peter Duchesneau / Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP

Peter Duchesneau

Peter Duchesneau is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP and focuses his practice on environmental law involving litigation, administrative proceedings, regulatory compliance and business transactions. He holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering, is admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and has significant experience with emerging chemicals and counseling clients on regulatory compliance involving green chemistry and other matters. Mr. Duchesneau can be reached at (310) 312-4209 or pduchesneau@manatt.com. Read more

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Joseph Eckhardt / Stoel Rives LLP

Joseph Eckhardt

Joseph Eckhardt is an associate at Stoel Rives LLP. Read more

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Delmar R. Ehrich / Faegre & Benson LLP

Frequent Contributor

Delmar R. Ehrich

Delmar R. Ehrich is a member of the environmental and litigation groups at Faegre & Benson LLP, an international law firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He can be reached via email at dehrich@faegre.com or via phone at 612.766.7000…. Read more

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Chris Elliott / World Wildlife Fund

Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott is Lead for World Wildlife Fund‘s Forest Carbon Initiative…. Read more

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Howard Ellman / Buchalter Nemer

Howard Ellman

Howard Ellman is an attorney with Buchalter Nemer. Read more

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Eryn Emerich / Footprint :: Sustainable Talent

Eryn Emerich

Eryn Emerich is Founder and Managing Director of Footprint :: Sustainable Talent, an Atlanta-based firm that recruits sustainability + corporate social responsibility/CSR leaders for corporations, higher-ed, and non-profit institutions globally. Read more

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Brent Erickson / Biotechnology Industry Organization

Brent Erickson

Brent Erickson is Executive Vice President of Biotechnology Industry Organization’s Industrial & Environmental section…. Read more

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Albert Esser, PhD / Dell

Albert Esser, PhD

Albert Esser, Ph.D., serves as vice president for data center infrastructure at Dell…. Read more

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Martyn Eustace / Two Sides

Martyn Eustace

Martyn Eustace is Director of Two Sides, an initiative by companies from the Graphic Communications Supply Chain…. Read more

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Gus Ezcurra / Advanced Telemetry

Gus Ezcurra

Gus Ezcurra is CEO of Advanced Telemetry, developer of the EcoViewTM smart energy and resource management system for business and residential applications…. Read more

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