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Guest Columns

Christina Page / Yahoo! Inc.

Christina Page

Christina Page is Director of Climate and Energy Strategy at Yahoo! Inc…. Read more

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Rocco Papalia / PepsiCo

Rocco Papalia

Rocco Papalia is Senior Vice President, PepsiCo Advanced Research at PepsiCo. Read more

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Daniel W. Parke / Lime Energy

Daniel W. Parke

Daniel W. Parke is President of Lime Energy, a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy design/build solutions. The company’s stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol LIME…. Read more

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Joe Parrino / UPS

Joe Parrino

Joe Parrino is the Facilities Engineer of UPS’s Windward Data Center near Atlanta…. Read more

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Simon Parsons / IBM Global Business Services

Simon Parsons

Simon Parsons is a business consultant for IBM Global Business Services, assisting clients with a range of environmental sustainability issues regarding properties and asset management…. Read more

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Pablo Paster / ClimateCHECK

Pablo Paster

Pablo Päster is the Vice President of Greenhouse Gas Management Innovations at ClimateCHECK and is based in San Francisco, CA. Pablo specializes in supply chain greenhouse gas management and product-level greenhouse gas life cycle accounting. He is also the author of the… Read more

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Chandrakant Patel / Hewlett Packard

Chandrakant Patel

Chandrakant Patel is an HP Senior Fellow and director of the Sustainable IT Ecosystem Laboratory at HP Labs and holds more than 100 U.S. patents. Patel shares more about his insights into innovation here.…. Read more

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Sara Pax / Bluehorse Associates

Frequent Contributor

Sara Pax

Sara Pax is the president of Bluehorse Associates, a developer of sustainability metrics specialized in the food and beverages industry with its smart product-level lifecycle assessment solution, Carbonostics (cost + carbon + nutrition). www.carbonostics.com. Read more

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Bob Peoples / ACS Green Chemistry Institute

Bob Peoples

Bob Peoples, Ph.D. is the Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute…. Read more

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Kim Pexton / HITT Consulting, Inc.

Frequent Contributor

Kim Pexton

Kim Pexton is Director of Sustainable Construction for HITT Contracting Inc., dedicated to bringing the ECO back in eco-nomics; through relatable analogies and information for making informed, well balanced ecologic and economic business decisions. Read more

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Jackie Pitera / AltaTerra Research

Frequent Contributor

Jackie Pitera

Jackie Pitera is a senior analyst at AltaTerra Research and co-author of the recently released report, “ Enterprise Sustainability Management Solutions: Reference Architecture and Buyer’s Guide. Read more

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Joe Polastre / Sentilla

Joe Polastre

Joe Polastre is co-founder and chief technology officer at Sentilla, which provides demand-side energy management solutions for data centers and commercial facilities…. Read more

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Michael C. Polentz / Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Michael C. Polentz

Michael C. Polentz is a Real Estate & Land Use Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP where he specializes in the representation of alternative energy companies. He can be reached at (650) 251-1440 or mpolentz@manatt.com. Read more

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Jack Pouchet / Emerson Network Power

Frequent Contributor

Jack Pouchet

Jack Pouchet is director of energy initiatives for Emerson Network Power…. Read more

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Patti Prairie / Brighter Planet

Frequent Contributor

Patti Prairie

Patti Prairie is the Chief Executive Officer of Brighter Planet, a for-profit company that helps people reduce and manage their carbon footprints. Its engaging Web-based campaigns tap the power of social media to help consumers and businesses learn about emissions, conserve what… Read more

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Jeffrey Puritt / TELUS International

Jeffrey Puritt TELUS International – a provider of BPO and contact center solutions to global clients, backed by TELUS, a leading Canadian telco with $9.9 billion of annual revenue and 12.3 million customer connections. Read more

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Ray Quartararo / Jones Lang LaSalle

Ray Quartararo

Ray Quartararo, Northeast Regional Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle, is program manager for the Empire State Building’s retrofit. Other partners include Rocky Mountain Institute, Johnson Controls and the Clinton Climate Initiative…. Read more

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Larry Raymond / IBM

Larry Raymond

Larry Raymond is a strategic initiatives program manager in IBM’s Integrated Supply Chain organization…. Read more

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Kathee Rebernak / Framework:CR

Kathee Rebernak

Kathee Rebernak is founder and CEO of Framework:CR, which promotes and facilitates sustainability leadership among companies, emerging business leaders, and peers…. Read more

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Ralph Reid / Sprint

Ralph Reid

Ralph Reid is vice president of corporate responsibility for Sprint…. Read more

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Jennifer Rice / Fruitful Strategy

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice is Principal of Fruitful Strategy, a San Francisco-based consultancy that helps businesses build values-based reputations through brand, customer experience and innovation strategy. This column was originally posted on Rice’s FruitfulStrategy blog…. Read more

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Hunter Richards / Software Advice

Hunter Richards

Hunter Richards is accounting market analyst at Software Advice. To read more, visit the Software Advice Blog, a blog on business software technology, topics and trends by Software Advice. … Read more

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Eric Riddleberger / IBM

Eric Riddleberger

Eric Riddleberger is Communications Sector Strategy & Change Practice Leader and Global Business Strategy Leader for IBM…. Read more

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Ron Robins / Investing for the Soul

Ron Robins

Ron Robbins is Founder and Analyst of Investing for the Soul. Copyright alrroya.com. Read more

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John Rooks / The SOAP Group

Frequent Contributor

John Rooks

John Rooks is the founder of The SOAP Group and the author of More Than Promote –A Monkeywrencher’s Guide to Authentic Marketing…. Read more

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Anita Roper / Alcoa Inc.

Anita Roper

Anita Roper is Director of Sustainability for Alcoa Inc.Read more

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Erika Roshdi / IMS Consulting

Erika Roshdi

Erika Roshdi is a specialist at IMS Consulting. The company develops and delivers two way, online stakeholder dialogue, engagement and communications platforms. www.imsplc.comRead more

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Charles J. Ruffing / Eastman Kodak Company

Charles J. Ruffing

Charles J. Ruffing is the Director, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability for Eastman Kodak Company, where he is also a divisional Vice President. His organization is responsible for compliance support to both operations and products worldwide, as well as for the coordination of… Read more

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Tjerk de Ruiter / Genencorp

Tjerk de Ruiter

Tjerk de Ruiter is CEO of Genencor, the Palo Alto, CA based biotechnology division part of Dupont’s Industrial Biosciences Business Unit. Read more

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Gwen Ruta / Environmental Defense Fund

Gwen Ruta

Gwen Ruta is the vice president of corporate partnerships at Environmental Defense Fund. She spearheads its work with multinational companies to develop innovative, business-based solutions to environmental challenges and drive change through the corporate value chain…. Read more

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Roger Saillant / Plug Power

Roger Saillant

Roger Saillant is the Executive Director of the Fowler Center for Sustainable Value at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. Among his extensive corporate experience, he has served as a senior executive in the Plastics Division of Ford Motor… Read more

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Dennis Salazar / Salazar Packaging

Dennis Salazar

Dennis writes in the area of sustainable packaging with his work appearing in numerous blogs and magazines, including his own blog, Inside Sustainable Packaging…. Read more

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Jeff Salisbury / Label Impressions, Inc.

Jeff Salisbury

Jeff Salisbury is President of Label Impressions, Inc., the only flexographic label printer in the U.S. to be both FSC Certified and Carbon Neutral. Salisbury sits on the TLMI Board of Environmental Best Practices…. Read more

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Alan Salzman / VantagePoint Venture Partners

Alan Salzman

Alan Salzman is Managing Partner and CEO of VantagePoint Venture Partners…. Read more

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Steve Sams / IBM Global Technology Services

Steve Sams

Steven Sams is vice president of site and facilities services in IBM Global Technology Services. Steve leads a global services team which help clients identify requirements, current capabilities, and best options for data centers…. Read more

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Barry Sanel / Barry Sanel Packaging Advisors

Barry Sanel

Barry Sanel is the Principal of Barry Sanel Packaging Advisors…. Read more

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Dianne Saxe / Saxe Law Office

Dianne Saxe

Dianne Saxe is one of the world’s top 25 Environmental Lawyers, according to Euromoney‘s Best of the Best, 2008. Best Lawyers named Dianne: Toronto’s Environmental Lawyer of the Year for 2011. Lexpert recognizes her as one of the best in Canada. Corporate Intl Magazine said we were the 2010 “Environmental Law Firm of the Year in Canada.” Read more

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David Schatsky / Consultant

David Schatsky

David Schatsky is a consultant on clean tech markets and corporate sustainability, as well as the Internet and information technology markets. This column first appeared on his Green Research blog…. Read more

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John Shegerian / Electronic Recyclers International

John Shegerian

John Shegerian is Chairman & CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) and Founder of 1-800-Recycling.com. Read more

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Nancy Schneider / EarthPeople

Nancy Schneider

Nancy Schneider is a sustainability consultant with EarthPeople. She is a frequent contributor on topics of sustainability, leadership and resource management for the commercial and public sectors. … Read more

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Bradley Short / BusinessEarth

Bradley Short

Bradley Short is head of sustainability discussions on social media for BusinessEarth. Read more

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Allan Schurr / IBM

Allan Schurr

Allan Schurr is Vice President of Energy and Utility Strategy and Development for IBM…. Read more

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Walter Sears / Better World Books

Walter Sears

Walter Sears is Director of On Campus Acquisitions at Better World Books. Better World Books collects and sells books online with each sale generating funds for literacy initiatives… Read more

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Richard Seireeni / The Brand Architect Group

Richard Seireeni

Richard Seireeni is president of The Brand Architect Group, Los Angeles, a strategic brand consultancy with affiliated offices in Tokyo and Shanghai. Seireeni is the author of The Gort Cloud that describes the invisible network that is powering today’s most successful… Read more

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Jhana Senxian / Aberdeen Group

Frequent Contributor

Jhana Senxian

Jhana Senxian specializes in sustainability and green-oriented business process transformation for a cross section of practice areas at Aberdeen Group including Supply Chain Management and Retail…. Read more

Read all columns by Jhana Senxian

Mark Servidio / Sharp Electronics

Mark Servidio

Mark Servidio is VP – Logistics & Environmental Supply Chain for Sharp Electronics. Buddy Polovick works for the US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, SmartWay Transport Partnership…. Read more

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Jeff Sharfstein / The Strive Group

Jeff Sharfstein

Jeff Sharfstein is president and CEO of The Strive Group. The Strive Group is comprised of four operating entities that design, manufacture and pack-out point of purchase displays for major consumer products companies. A fifth entity, Strive Logistics, LLC, provides transportation solutions to display customers and others. Jeff Sharfstein began his business career with Pride Container Corporation, a company founded by the Sharfstein family, in 1968. He left in 1990 to start World Distribution Group (now Strive Logistics) and returned to Pride Container Corporation as its president in 1997. Read more

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Suzanne Shelton / Shelton Group

Suzanne Shelton

Suzanne Shelton is president and CEO of Shelton Group, an advertising agency located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The agency conducts four proprietary annual consumer opinion studies – Eco Pulse, Energy Pulse, Utility Pulse and Green Living Pulse…. Read more

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Craig Shields / 2GreenEnergy.com

Craig Shields

Craig Shields is editor of 2GreenEnergy.com, and author of Renewable Energy — Facts and Fantasies (published by Clean Energy Press, 2010). Read more

Read all columns by Craig Shields

Amy Skoczlas Cole / eBay

Amy Skoczlas Cole

Amy Skoczlas Cole is the Director of eBay’s Green Team , where she leads the various aspects of the company’s environmental strategy, including tapping into the collective power of the 90 million people who use eBay everyday to make a real… Read more

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Carl Smith / Call2Recycle

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is CEO & President of Call2Recycle®, a free battery and cellphone collection and recycling organization, operated by RBRC, that has thousands of collection sites throughout North America (www.call2recycle.org).  Previously, Carl was CEO of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and is a LEED® Accredited Professional. Read more

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Dean Smith / IT Project Consultant

Dean Smith

Dean Smith is a MODIS project consultant with 14 years of experience in infrastructure technology project management. He has led the development of more than 12 green technology infrastructure projects across the U.S. in the last 4 years. Read more

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Deirdre Snyder / Johnson School at Cornell University

Deirdre Snyder

Deirdre Snyder is the assistant director of public relations for the Johnson School at Cornell University. She has previously worked as the communications director for Thomson Delmar Learning, now part of Cengage Learning, and as the brand manager for CNN International in… Read more

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Chris Spain / HydroPoint

Chris Spain

Chris Spain is Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer at HydroPoint, the provider of WeatherTRAK smart water management systems…. Read more

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Kady Srinivasan / Clarkston Consulting

Kady Srinivasan

Kady Srinivasan is the practice lead for sustainability at Clarkston Consulting…. Read more

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Robert N. Stavins / Harvard Environmental Economics Program

Robert N. Stavins

Robert N. Stavins is the Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government, Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program, and Chairman of the Environment and Natural Resources Faculty Group. He writes a blog that ties together environmental matters and economics…. Read more

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Oli Valur Steindorsson / ESS

Oli Valur Steindorsson

Oli Valur Steindorsson is Chief Executive Officer of Umami Sustainable Seafood, a holding company of fish farms supplying sashimi-grade Northern Bluefin Tuna to the global market.  He can be reached at ovs@atlantis-ltd.com. Read more

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Rebecca Sternberg / ESS

Rebecca Sternberg

Rebecca Sternberg is Vice President of Sustainability at ESS…. Read more

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Emma Stewart / Autodesk

Frequent Contributor

Emma Stewart

Emma Stewart, Ph.D., is an environmental strategy consultant to Fortune 500 companies and leading non-profit organizations, combining expertise in environmental trends analysis, policy and metrics design, and management consulting. She can be reached via LinkedIn…. Read more

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Thayer Stewart / OB10

Thayer Stewart

Thayer Stewart is vice president for sales and marketing at OB10. Before joining OB10, Thayer was vice president of marketing at EmployeeMatters, an automated payroll processing and benefits administration provider, acquired by Intuit. Before that, he spent 12 years at American Express,… Read more

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Jim Sullivan / Clear Standards

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan is a Vice President at Clear Standards, a leading provider of enterprise carbon management and sustainability 2.0 software…. Read more

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Josh Suskewicz / Innosight

Josh Suskewicz

Josh Suskewicz is a manager at Innosight where he has worked on consulting engagements in numerous industries, specializing in cleantech and healthcare. Read more

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Jane Tabachnick / Jane Tabachnick Marketing

Jane Tabachnick

Jane Tabachnick, owner of Jane Tabachnick Marketing, co-hosted the June 3 Green Jobs Summit in New York City…. Read more

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Terry Tamminen / Pegasus Capital Advisors

Terry Tamminen

Terry Tamminen is Operating Advisor to Pegasus Capital Advisors and the former Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency…. Read more

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Helen Tang / Hewlett Packard

Helen Tang

Helen Tang is worldwide director for Data Center Transformation solutions at HP, focused on helping customers transform their data centers into strategic assets that support business growth and innovation. Her team helps customers adapt new infrastructure, modernize applications and implement service management… Read more

Read all columns by Helen Tang

Elaine Tassoni / Cascades Tissue

Frequent Contributor

Elaine Tassoni

Elaine Tassoni, M.Sc., is the Communication and Sustainability Manager at Cascades Tissue Group’s head office.  Cascades Tissue is the fourth largest manufacturer of tissue paper in North America. Read more

Read all columns by Elaine Tassoni

Laura Thompson / Sappi Fine Paper

Frequent Contributor

Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and an M.S. and PhD in Paper Science from the Institute of Paper Science and Technology.  Since 1995, she has held a variety of positions within the paper industry including R&D, mill environmental, product development for specialties and coated fine paper, and most recently sustainability. Read more

Read all columns by Laura Thompson

Dailey Tipton / FirstCarbon Solutions

Dailey Tipton

Dailey Tipton is VP of Sales and Marketing for FirstCarbon Solutions, a pioneer and industry leader in environmental management outsourcing (EMO)…. Read more

Read all columns by Dailey Tipton

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato / Gracefully Global

Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is President of Gracefully Global, a unified communications consulting and content development firm focused on bringing insight and expertise on sustainable collaboration technologies to the global Latino business market…. Read more

Read all columns by Graciela Tiscareno-Sato

Solitaire Townsend / Futerra Sustainability Communications Ltd.

Solitaire Townsend

Solitaire Townsend is Chief Executive of Futerra Sustainability Communications Ltd.Read more

Read all columns by Solitaire Townsend

Greg Trimble / Walmart

Greg Trimble

Greg Trimble is Senior Director, Global Energy Development, Walmart Stores. He has over twenty two years of experience in the power and natural gas industries, both in the regulated and deregulated arenas. Greg joined Walmart in 2002 as the Director of Energy Procurement where he was responsible for over $1.5 billion in annual energy purchases. … Read more

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Jim Trout / Vantage Data Centers

Jim Trout

Jim Trout is the CEO of Vantage Data Centers, a wholesale data center provider focused on driving increased efficiencies and energy use reduction through innovation in electro-mechanical systems and architecture design. Prior to Vantage Jim was Managing Director at Proferian, SVP – Portfolio & Technical Operations at Digital Realty Trust, and President at CRG West (a.k.a. Coresite). He can be reach at jim@vantagedatacenters.com. Read more

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Kevin Tuerff / Green Canary Sustainability Consulting

Frequent Contributor

Kevin Tuerff

Kevin Tuerff, CEO of Green Canary Sustainability Consulting and President of EnviroMedia Social Marketing, is reporting for Environmental Leader from the UNFCCC in Copenhagen, Denmark. More updates available at GreenDetectives.net…. Read more

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Wood Turner / Climate Counts

Wood Turner

Wood Turner is the executive director of Climate Counts and is currently posting from Greece from the Stonyfield Farm-sponsored Inaugural Conference of the World Council on Genetics, Nutrition, and Fitness for Health. … Read more

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