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Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device

What the Judges said…

“Real-time indoor air quality data provides a real value to customers, especially considering the potential health risks of waiting for a monitoring device to arrive or waiting for the results of a test. This is a cost-effective solution.”

Airthinx’s indoor air quality monitoring device uses cloud-based plug-and-play sensor technology for continuous, long-term, and real-time monitoring. Nine built-in sensors measure PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, CH2O, VOCs, temperature, humidity, and pressure. The small device fits into the palm of a hand and has industrial accuracy, but costs less than industrial solutions, the company says. It uses the Netronix IoT platform and can be deployed quickly in commercial, retail, and residential buildings.

Users can test sustainability efforts around ventilation, air filtration, and green materials. Airthinx also provides API descriptions, allowing platform-to-platform communication about sensor data, location, alerts, and configurations, optimizing building performance by interfacing with cloud-based building management systems.

The product’s alerts offer real-time notifications about poor indoor air quality, which the company says increases the overall health, wellness, and safety of employees in work spaces, students in schools, and patients in hospitals.

Conventional methods for collecting indoor air quality data typically rely on expensive stationary devices that require configuration, operation, and maintenance by a trained expert, Airthinx says. Continuous monitoring captures measurements at the room level, which is normally challenging to address, according to the company.

The Airthinx web application allows users to access real-time data analytics and features like differential alerts. For example, users can create multiple reference points from parameters monitored by one or more devices using minimum, maximum, difference, and average functions. In schools, Airthinx can be used to address dangers to children’s health through the real-time monitoring of exposure to environmental conditions that trigger asthma caused by microscopic dust particles, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and VOCs.

The company says that the ability to collect data as soon as the device is plugged in instantaneously, continuously, and over a long period of time can provide users with a big picture of air quality. The company adds that its solution enables large-scale and rapid deployment of tens of thousands of devices, facilitating the collection of quantitative data in any infrastructure.

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