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Call2Recycle Flame Retardant Box Liner

What the Judges said…
“This product delivers environmental sustainability benefits by making battery recycling safer. In addition, the liner improves the structural integrity of the shipping boxes, and itself is made with recycled material that can be reused and recycled.”

North American battery stewardship organization Call2Recycle has operated a household battery-recycling program in the United States and Canada for over 20 years. When certain types of batteries reach their end-of-life, they may still retain a residual charge that can present a safety risk if not handled properly. To bolster the safety in handling and transporting these potentially dangerous batteries, Call2Recycle incorporated a flame retardant box liner into all of its battery collection boxes.

This patent-pending liner is made of dry polyester fiber and can limit the potential for flames to escape from a battery box in the event of a thermal runaway or ignition of materials as the battery goes from collection to transportation to sorting and processing, Call2Recycle says. The liner is also manufactured from 50% recycled PET bottles and is, itself, both reusable and recyclable. The flame retardant box has been independently tested and can withstand up to 1,100°F.

The flame retardant box liner provides an extra layer of protection to further the safe collection, transport, and recycling of consumer batteries for everyone involved, including collection sites, consumers, transporters, and sorters, according to the organization. Call2Recycle is the first battery stewardship program to utilize this type of liner for battery collection.

Call2Recycle offers more than 14,000 public drop-off sites where consumers can recycle their batteries for free. Since 1996, the organization has collected and recycled over 130 million pounds. The introduction of the flame retardant box liner improves safety for collection sites, Call2Recycle says. The liner also offers structural support to the box, which significantly reduces the occurrences of box damage while in transit, according to the organization. In addition, the flame retardant box liner allows Call2Recycle to consider expanding its program offerings, including accepting more diverse and powerful batteries.

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