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Carel Industries


What the Judges said…
“The real-time technology interface is a game-changer, allowing quick response to a piece of equipment that needs service.”

Carel Industries offers solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. Heez is the company’s solution for the control and management of beverage coolers in the refrigerated merchandiser segment. It incorporates several Carel technologies such as variable capacity rotary compressors, an electronic expansion valve, and variable-speed fans for high-energy efficiency and performance to reduce the environmental impact.

Compared to traditional systems, beverage coolers that have been equipped with Carel’s solution can efficiently vary their cooling capacity, adapting to instant requirements, guaranteeing higher reliability and stability, lower noise, and more compact dimensions, the company says.

Self-adaptive logic adjusts operating conditions during the day and overnight by learning from sales habits. Advanced algorithms identify the need for defrosting and adjust the set point according to actual unit demand. The increase of the temperature pull-down performance is one of the main results achievable with Heez, Carel says. This helps the beverages stay at the correct temperature to ensure optimal sales conditions.

Rotary DC inverter technology significantly reduces on-off cycles in steady-state operation and slashes pull-down times due to the high motor operating speed, according to Carel. Control algorithms allow the synchronized operation of the compressor, stepper valve, and variable-speed fans, ensuring the best performance in different climates, the company says.

Connectivity has been implemented through the use of NFC and Bluetooth technology. The Heez user interface is wirelessly connected to work with mobile devices, allowing access to information in the cloud. This connectivity also enables data acquisition and analysis for better beverage cooler management and operation. Carel’s Armilla portal for beverage companies and their partners helps optimize marketing analysis and technical maintenance on coolers installed in the field.

Tests conducted by a certified third-party laboratory showed that the Heez control solution installed on a glass door merchandiser can reach an Energy Efficiency Index of 13.8, meaning 50% better efficiency than the best beverage coolers available on the market. In addition, the Frigoglass Easy Reach-Express beverage cooler equipped with Heez achieved 40% energy savings.

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