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Superior Essex

PowerWise Cable and the Digital Building Application

What the Judges Said…
“The Superior Essex product is well thought out and reduces energy while enhancing the user experience. Bonus points for manufacturing in a zero waste-to-landfill plant.”

Superior Essex’s PowerWise Power over Ethernet cable suite is designed to optimize, customize, and unify enterprise spaces. The PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4-pair Power-over-Ethernet (4PPoE) cable is capable of transmitting 60 watts of power with 97% power efficiency while supporting 1-gigabit data transmission.

The PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4PPoE is designed to support a variety of PoE applications. Manufactured sustainably in a zero waste-to-landfill facility, PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4PPoE helps ensure that customers’ cable networks have limited environmental impact over the course of their life cycles. The PoE application has cap-ex and op-ex savings as well as up to 75% energy saving opportunities, pending the application.

The PowerWise 1 Gigabit 4PPoE product also comes in a low smoke halogen-free option, which Superior Essex says is the only Red List Free power-efficient cable to be used in the PoE application on the market. The product and application can be used to contribute to green building standards through energy efficiency and materials sections.

The Digital Ceiling Framework combines building systems such as light, air, and security onto a single IP network, which the company says boosts efficiency, safety and productivity, and improves occupant experience. As a member of the Digital Ceiling Partner Community for hardware and software vendors, Superior Essex seeks to enhance network capabilities, performance, and management.

Compared to the old technology, the PowerWise Cable and the Digital Building PoE application allows the end user to combine disparate building networks, deliver new user experiences such as room temperature and light intensity settings, enable business analytics, and improve efficiency and sustainability. For example, it’s possible to customize temperature and lighting based on occupancy.

The Marriott’s Sinclair Building hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, implemented the PoE Digital Building Design. Superior Essex reports that Sinclair Holdings has already started to see a return from this investment. In addition to saving cap-ex during construction, the Sinclair Hotel can gauge real-time information about occupancy, movement, and daylight along with energy consumption data. The solution means they can monitor their lights and automatically adjust settings based on defined scenarios, allowing them to improve their energy consumption by 50% while delivering an enhanced experience for visitors.

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