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How the New Food Waste Policy Could Affect Your Business

The new Food Recovery Act (H.R. 3444) could become the first national food waste policy could have numerous implications for several sectors of the U.S economy. With the new food waste policy, date labels would finally be standardized on the federal level. According to wastedive.com, under the legislation, if a … Read more »

Nestle Tells Consumers to Swig, Swallow, then Replace the Cap

Nestle Waters NA has become the first beverage manufacturer in North America to include the How2Reycle label, created by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, on the half-liter bottles of all its major US brands. The label, which tells drinkers to “empty and replace cap,” is meant to ensure that the caps … Read more »

New Council in MI Helps Groceries & Commercial Food Services Cut Waste

Organizations in West Michigan have come together, thanks to a seed grant from the Michigan Local Food Council Network, to help the local food service industry reduce food waste. The new Western Michigan Food Recovery Council will focus mainly on large grocery operations and the commercial and institutional food service … Read more »

We Don’t Always Write about Cows, but When We Do…

Reflections from Jen… When I found myself searching cow images (and mulling dairy puns) for the third time in the span of two weeks, I had to stop to think. In all my years writing for Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today, I’m not sure I ever wrote about dairy … Read more »

App Targets Commercial Kitchens, Cuts Food Waste by Half

Food waste just may be the hottest environmental concern du jour, with particular focus on waste in grocery stores and restaurants, but a new app could help. The Winnow System smart meter helps restaurants measure and analyze the food they toss: it identifies the types of food they tend to … Read more »

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