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Why should I subscribe to EL PRO?
EL PRO is the best source for environmental, sustainability and energy efficiency research, data and news written specifically for corporate executives. An EL PRO subscription is a multi-faceted product delivering daily content updates, news, research and analysis from the team that brings you Environmental Leader. Subscribe and you’ll gain actionable insights, opportunity-focused data and news with an emphasis on competitive advantages and ROI.
While our free news is very valuable to corporate executives, EL PRO takes the conversation further. 30+ page research reports, analysts briefings, downloadable spreadsheets and daily updates allow us to dissect issues, providing data, vendor advice, Q&As with practitioners and analysts, downloadable spreadsheets, up-to-the-minute morning briefings on policy and standards issues (What hearing is happening on the Hill this morning? What’s the news on the latest LEED public comment period? What’s happening on the state level?) and even monthly wrap-up reports, separated by category for easy sharing throughout an organization. With EL PRO, you’ll:

  • Make smart business decisions based on thorough knowledge of emerging technologies and issues;
  • Know the latest trends and news with easy-to-disseminate, categorized news stories;
  • Receive new data and metrics first with presentation-ready charts and Excel spreadsheets;
  • Track policy, standards and regulatory issues affecting your industry on a daily basis;
  • Easily measure your competitors’ environmental, sustainability and energy strategies and set realistic goals for your company;
  • Gain competitive advantage with insights from top analysts.
What kind of content is in EL PRO?
EL PRO has a number of featured content types to help professionals do their jobs, including:

  • EL Insights –Monthly, 30+ page research reports written by EL editors covering emerging energy, environmental and sustainability technologies.
  • EL Trends – Monthly 50+ page reports focusing on the most important news of the previous 30 days broken out into categories.
  • EL Data – Daily presentation-ready graphs and spreadsheets on energy, environmental and sustainability data.
  • EL Briefings – Daily briefing reports on policy, regulatory, standards and certification news.
  • EL Baseline – Latest news on corporate environmental, sustainability and energy initiatives and goals.
  • EL Analysts – Weekly research and analysis briefs written just for EL PRO members by top analysts working in the energy, environmental and clean technology industries.
Is the content original?
Yes. EL PRO content is written specifically for EL PRO subscribers. The content is original and unavailable from other news outlets.
What topics do you cover?
EL PRO is written primarily for enterprise energy, environmental and sustainability managers and executives. A sample of topics covered includes:

  • Standards and certifications
  • Policy, regulations and enforcement
  • Energy and environmental auditing and reporting
  • Corporate goals and progress
  • Energy and environmental management software
  • Facilities (HVAC, lighting, LEED, green and cool roofs, etc.)
  • Supply chain (logistics, ground, air and sea freight, distribution, warehousing, etc.)
  • Manufacturing
  • Workplace issues
  • Energy efficiency
  • Design & innovation
  • Waste & recycling
  • Water management
  • IT
  • Onsite renewable energy generation
  • Fleet management
Do I have access to past EL PRO content?
Yes. One of the benefits of membership to EL PRO is the tremendous amount of archived content. At the time of this writing, we have over 35 EL Insight reports in our archive (for many members, this alone is worth the small cost of joining, as similar products from research companies cost thousands of dollars each), over 500 presentation-ready charts and accompanying spreadsheets, hundreds of articles pertaining to corporate environmental and energy goals, and hundreds of other EL PRO-only content – with new content being added daily.
Where do you get your research data?
EL PRO’s data comes from many different sources. You can see some of the companies we work with on our analyst page (https://www.environmentalleader.com/authors/). Other data is gleaned from organization, association, government and other available sources.
How often is EL PRO updated?
EL PRO provides new content every day. Approximately six new pieces of content (combination of stories, reports, briefings, charts, etc.) are delivered daily or approximately 1500 new items per year.
How can I contact an analyst?
Our members can reach out to analysts through contact information provided at the end of analyst briefings.
How do I know which content is PRO content?
On our website and newsletter, EL PRO content is marked with this icon . Only people or organizations with an active, paid subscription can access this content. The best way to stay up to date with new content is to subscribe to EL Daily.
Can I see samples?
Yes. Samples of EL PRO content are available. Please contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878.
Can I schedule a demo?
Yes. The best way to find out how EL PRO will help your company is to schedule a demo. Please see the link at the top of this page.
Can I get a free trial?
Environmental Leader sometime provides short, free trial periods. Please schedule a demo to learn more about the product and so that we can learn if your company would benefit from a free trial.
What kind of subscription options are available?
EL PRO provides a number of different subscription options: Individual, Group and Enterprise. See the chart above this FAQ.
Is there a monthly subscription option?
EL PRO is only available on an annual subscription basis.
Can I buy one report or article?
EL PRO single reports or articles can’t be purchased.
Can I forward content or share it with other people in my company?
El PRO content can only be viewed by EL PRO members. Therefore, if you have an individual subscription, you can’t share EL PRO content at all. If you are part of a group subscription, you can share links to content with other group members and those members will be able to log in and read the content for themselves. If your part of an enterprise subscription, you can share links to content with other enterprise members and those members will be able to log in and read the content for themselves. On a limited basis, we do allow some data to be shared during presentations;  please discuss this with someone on the EL PRO team. Contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878.
How much does it cost and are there group discounts?
Individual subscriptions can be had for as little as $65/month (billed annually at $780). A 5 team group subscription can be had for only $39 per user/month (billed annually at $2340). Enterprise discounts are even bigger. Contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878 for a specific group proposal.
How do I log in
You can log in at the top right of every page on www.environmentalleader.com or at the prompt at the end of EL PRO content excerpts.
Where is my password?
Your password is supplied in the “Your EL Insights subscription confirmation” email sent to the email address you supplied when you joined.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password by following the “Lost your password?” link under the “login” button on any login form.
What do I do if I forgot my email/ID and password/info?
For email/ID information, contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878. If you’ve forgotten your password, you must change your password by following the “Lost your password?” link under the “login” button on any login form.
I’m having technical difficulties, who do I contact?
Contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878.
How do I change my billing info?
Contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878.
Can I reactivate an inactive subscription?
Subscriptions that are inactive can be reactivated at the lowest rate currently in effect when reactivation is requested. Contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878.
How do I renew?
At the end of the term, your subscription will automatically renew at the lowest rate in effect when your current term expires unless you cancel prior to the renewal, in which case the cancellation will occur at the next billing cycle.
How do I cancel a subscription?
Cancellations will be effective at the next billing cycle (your annual subscription date). Contact us at elpro@environmentalleader.com or call us at (970)223-2878.

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