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The Xeros Commercial Laundry System For Firefighters’ Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe)

The Xeros Commercial Laundry System for Firefighters’ Personal Protective Equipment is an industry-compliant polymer cleaning solution. The system replaces water as the primary cleaning agent with stain- absorbing polymer beads, reducing the amount of hot water needed. In addition, the system cleans at a lower temperature and with less water. Since less energy is required to heat water, the result less energy usage compared to other commercial systems.

If not cleaned properly, soils and contaminants can cause firefighters’ personal protective equipment (PPE) to become flammable, toxic, and absorb rather than reflect radiant heat. It can even conduct electricity, putting firefighters at risk for serious illness or injury. Cleaning firefighter protective ensembles is a complex process with safeguards that must comply with strict OSHA and NFPA standards.

Traditional cleaning methods require extensive pre-soaking to remove the toxins and soot found on firefighter gear. The Xeros cleaning methods eliminates water intensive pre- soak wash cycles. Conventional washing systems also use significant and chemicals, the company reported. The Xeros polymer bead cleaning system maximizes cleaning elements — from water level, wash temperature, detergents, and mechanical action — to reduce the soil types and concentrations deposited on PPE.

The Xeros system uses recyclable polymer beads to clean turnout gear. The beads’ molecular structure attracts soil. The Xeros system uses a detergent package that is compliant with the pH requirements of NFPA 1851, and was developed to work with low water levels and wash temperatures at or below 105 degrees F as required.

Xeros is being used by fire departments across the U.S. to launder firefighter gear. Customers include MarKen PPE Restoration, an Independent Service Provider for the fire industry. Since installing the Xeros system, MarKen reduced pre-soaking by 80%, which allows them to process turnout gear faster and reduce cleaning costs, Xeros reported. In addition, avoiding the pre-soaking process helps prolong the life of the firefighters’ elements. Since the Xeros system does not require hot water to clean fabrics, firehouses have seen an 80% reduction in water consumption, 50% reduction in energy usage as well as a 50% reduction in chemical usage compared to traditional commercial systems.

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