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Water District Dumps Fossil Fuel Investments

Water District Dumps Fossil Fuel Investments

A California water district unanimously voted earlier this week to divest in fossil fuel companies and ban future investments in any of the biggest 200 coal, oil and gas companies including Alcoa, BP, Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell. The San Jose-based Santa Clara Valley Water District provides drinking water and … Read more »

McDonald’s, AT&T, Hilton Execs Tell How To ‘Sell Sustainability’

McDonald’s, AT&T, Hilton Execs Tell How To ‘Sell Sustainability’

Sustainability officers and managers at McDonald’s, Novelis, AT&T, DuPont, EMC and Hilton Worldwide, among others, say one of the keys to selling sustainability inside their companies is to communicate environmental issues in language business leaders understand – not sustainability jargon, according to a new report that surveyed more than 30 … Read more »

Considering the Energy of Labor – Part III

Or, man vs machine. In the last posting I described three methods for estimating energy use per worker-hour (EPWH) and the preference was amortizing non-industrial energy supply since, in our opinion, it yields the most accurate estimate of energy use per industrial worker-hour for use in process-based or hybrid economic … Read more »

Bill Clinton Discusses Advances in Global Corporate Citizenship

Former President Bill Clinton discusses corporate citizenship at the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University of Berkeley-California. The Clinton Global Initiative has received more than 1,700 commitments valued at more than $57 billion. Skip ahead to 4:30 for Clinton’s speech.

Manufacture for Green and Sustainable Design (Part II)

Last time we presented the concept of green design and manufacturing incorporating all the stages of the product from extraction of materials through the process of material conversion, to manufacture and assembly of the product, its distribution and delivery, use and eventual reuse, remanufacture or recycling. The principles of green … Read more »

Manufacture for Green and Sustainable Design

Mirriam Webster defines ubiquitous as “existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered; widespread” and gives the example “a ubiquitous fashion.” The adverb ubiquitously means, essentially, in a ubiquitous manner. Another term that could be used here is holistic – meaning incorporating all aspects. We will explore what … Read more »

‘Greening’ the Factory Floor

At the higher levels in the manufacturing enterprise the facilities (office building and plant HVAC, administrative, employee services like cafeterias, etc., packaging and shipping) dominate. As we move down through the production systems and their associated consumables (with their energy, water, materials, compressed air, part and material delivery and removal, … Read more »

Feds Create Framework for Property Tax Financing of Renewables

More businesses should be able to take advantage of property tax financing to fund installation of renewable energy, as well as energy efficiency retrofits, through the Recovery Through Retrofit program recently announced by Vice President Joe Biden. Some states and local governments already allow property tax financing for renewable energy … Read more »

Manufacturers: Beware of ‘Greenwashing’

There are a number of companies already addressing some of the green manufacturing challenges … and there are many who are not (yet). Andy Warhol said “Art is what you can get away with.” Ditto for advertising. Unfortunately also ditto for much green advertising. According to Wikipedia greenwashing is “a … Read more »

Green Manufacturing: The Next Great Leap Forward

Regardless of your feelings towards the severity of the situation, there are forces moving to make it more and more expensive and difficult to continue “business as usual” when it comes to manufacturing. This is only one of the motivators for embodying green manufacturing. Reduction of waste (in any form) … Read more »

Manufacturers Should Consider GHG Emissions on Site-by-Site Basis

Last time we discussed some of the motivators for companies paying attention to green manufacturing – that is, drivers for incorporating green in your business strategy. I have posted, on my lab’s website, a set of slides presented recently to an industry group meeting titled “Challenges & Opportunities for Sustainable … Read more »

‘Green’ Manufacturing Should be Part of Your Strategy

It is important to define, as best as we are able, why it is important to focus on green manufacturing. Green manufacturing is an important part of business. And business must be analyzed “holistically” – that is, let’s not fiddle with just little parts. Do it right for the whole … Read more »

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