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ExxonMobile Steps Up Biodiesel Research with REG Agreement

ExxonMobil announced an agreement with Renewable Energy Group to study the production of biodiesel by fermenting renewable cellulosic sugars from non-food sources such as agricultural waste. Through the research, the two companies will address the challenge of how to ferment real-world renewable cellulosic sugars, which contain multiple types of sugars including glucose and xylose; … Read more »

Paddle Dryer Reduces Biosolids Volume Up to 80%

International technology Group Andritz has received an order from Kore Infrastructure to supply a paddle dryer for a biosolids recovery plant currently under construction in Rialto, California. In the plant, biosolids from wastewater facilities in Los Angeles that have normally gone to landfill will be converted into biodiesel and biochar. … Read more »

Novozymes Technology Converts Waste Oils to Biodiesel

Novozymes has launched what it says is the first commercially available enzymatic solution to make biodiesel from waste oils. The Novozymes Eversa enzymatic process converts used cooking oil or other lower grade oils into biodiesel. This allows biodiesel producers to reduce their raw material costs. The resulting biodiesel is sold … Read more »

Biodiesel Market to Grow 8.1 Percent

The global biodiesel market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.1 percent between 2013 and 2018, according to a report by Research and Markets. According to the report, one prominent driver in the market is the advantage of using biodiesel over diesel, noting that the market is … Read more »

Kansas City Restaurants Cut Waste

Kansas City-area restaurants looking to cut waste have found a number of solutions, according to The Kansas City Star. Several solutions were the result of keen observation by interns from Kansas City’s Johnson County Community College, who worked with the restaurants to reduce waste. In one case, they noticed that … Read more »

Biofuel Milestone Reached

Renewable Energy Group (REG) reached a milestone of having sold 1 billion gallons of advanced biofuel during its 17 year history. REG said it achieved this milestone through investments in a fully integrated value chain including its manufacturing, sales & marketing, and supply chain management. The company went from marketing … Read more »

Researchers Create Low-Waste Biofuel From Alligator Meat in a Snap

University of Louisiana at Lafayette have developed a speedy, low waste method for converting alligator fat into biofuel. Conversion of animal fat  to biodiesel has been around for some time – an earlier, but more-wasteful, way to process aligator fat into biofuel was developed in 2011, but the traditional biodiesel process … Read more »

Green Star Awarded Patent

Green Star Products was notified by the US Patents and Trademark Office that its high-tech loop reactor patent was issued on (US Pat. #8648209) Loop Reactor for Making Biodiesel Fuel. The loop reactor is the backbone of the biodiesel plants manufactured by Green Star. Most present day biodiesel production systems require … Read more »

Waterless Process Eyed for Biodiesel Production

Researchers from the University of Porto, Portugal, are now looking at water-free methods for purifying biofuels, including those made from waste cooking oils, animal fats and other fatty wastes derived from industrial activities, according to the Institute of Chemical Engineers. Traditional methods of biodiesel production use high volumes of water … Read more »

University of Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel Announce Grease Trap Project

Researchers from the University of Hawai’i at M?noa are working with Maui based company Pacific Biodiesel to develop a way to make water from restaurant grease traps reusable. Wastewater from dishwashing and cleaning kitchens would clog sewer lines because of the oils it contains. Restaurants are required to have grease … Read more »

US Biodiesel Production Hits Record High

US Biodiesel Production Hits Record High

The US produced 132 million gallons of biodiesel in October, a record amount that is 75 percent more than the same month in 2012, according to the latest data released by the US Energy Information Administration. Production in October 2013 was about 5 million gallons more than in September, according to the EIA data. … Read more »

Used Coffee Proving Fertile Grounds for Sustainability

Starbucks, Nestle and the University of Cincinnati are among the organizations turning spent coffee grounds into bioplastics, laundry detergents and biodiesel, The Guardian reports. Starbucks currently purchases around 400 million pounds of coffee a year and is working on turning the used grounds, along with its bakery waste, into laundry detergents, … Read more »

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