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beverage bottling

Closed-Loop System Captures CO2 for Use in Beverage Industry

CO2 Solutions and Mojonnier Limited have teamed up to capture carbon from the beverage bottling processes — thus preventing CO2 emissions — and then supply this CO2 back to the beverage industry for its carbonation needs.

Aker Solutions

Carbon Capture: First Waste-to-Energy CCS, CO2 Solutions Project Results

In carbon capture and storage news, Aker Solutions has announced a first-of-its-kind project to capture CO2 emissions from a waste-to-energy plant in Norway and CO2 Solutions has released the verified results of its demonstration project in Canada. Aker Solutions says it expects the five-month test program to capture 90 percent … Read more »

CO2 Solutions, GasTran Systems Aim to Lower Carbon Capture Costs

CO2 Solutions has entered into an exclusive collaboration agreement with Cleveland Gas Systems, a provider of high-intensity gas-liquid rotating packed bed (RPB) mass transfer technology, that the partners say will help lower the cost of carbon capture. Under the terms of the agreement, CO2 Solutions and GTS will collaborate on … Read more »

coal power plant

CO2 Solutions Completes Carbon Capture Pilot Testing

CO2 Solutions’ carbon capture process shows potential for CO2 capture that may be better than existing conventional capture technologies, according to results of the pilot testing of the process, completed by the company and the University of North Dakota’s Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) in January. In addition, the … Read more »

CO2 Solutions Develops New Carbon Capture Enzyme

CO2 Solutions says it has completed the internal development of a high-performance carbonic anhydrase enzyme. In extensive bench testing, the new enzyme, named 1T1, has demonstrated longevity and catalytic performance, surpassing that of the best third-party enzymes used by CO2 Solutions to date, the company says. As such, 1T1 is expected … Read more »

CO2 Solutions Starts Pilot Unit Construction

CO2 Solutions has started construction on a carbon capture pilot unit in Saskatchewan as part of a collaboration agreement with Husky Energy for the capture of CO2 in the oil industry. CO2 Solutions entered into the agreement with Husky Energy in April to install and operate the pilot unit. The … Read more »

coal power plant

CO2 Solutions Tests Carbon Capture Technology

Enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology company CO2 Solutions has signed an agreement with the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center to test its technology at EERC’s testing facility using natural gas and coal flue gas in December. With the agreement, CO2 Solutions joins EERC’s program Advancing CO2 Capture … Read more »

CO2 Solutions, Neumann Systems Demonstrate Carbon Capture Pilot

CO2 Solutions has partnered with emissions control provider Neumann Systems Group for a carbon capture pilot demonstration. The companies expect the combination of their two proprietary technologies will result in a significantly lower cost process for the capture of CO2 from industrial effluent gases. Following this pilot, the companies anticipate … Read more »

CO2 Solutions

CO2 Solutions Carbon Capture Technology Cuts Costs 33%

CO2 Solutions says it has demonstrated that its enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology is at least one-third less expensive than existing carbon capture technology in terms of energy consumption, and can withstand the rigors of industrial application — two technical performance milestones for its Alberta oil sands project, the company says. … Read more »

Contract Wins: Waterfund, IBM, BioteQ, Teck, Codexis

Waterfund and IBM have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Water and Environment of the Republic of Uganda that makes the country the first in Africa to become a member of the Water Cost Index. Waterfund, with IBM acting as calculation agent, will work with the Ministry of Water and Environment to calculate the cost of … Read more »

Contract Wins: Cadmus, SAIC, CO2 Solutions

The Cadmus Group has won its third consecutive five-year contract to work with the EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds (OWOW). Under this contract, the consultancy will work with OWOW to monitor water quality, manage and display water quality information, and report on water quality conditions to the public … Read more »

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