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Water Industry Outlook Reveals Major Challenges

Aging infrastructure and capital needs are the most significant challenges facing the water industry, according to WeiserMazars’ 2014 US Water Industry Outlook. According to the report, 95 percent of study respondents ranked aging facilities and infrastructure as one of the most significant challenges facing the industry, followed by the aging of … Read more »

Exposure to Phthalate Drops, Other Chemicals Levels on the Rise

Americans are being exposed to significantly lower levels of some phthalates — chemicals often referred to as plasticizers — that were banned from children’s products in 2008, but exposures to other forms of these chemicals are rising steeply, according to a study led by researchers at University of California, San … Read more »

Capitol Power Plant

Congress a Poor Example for Sustainable Business

The Capitol Power Plant, which provides heating and cooling to 23 federal government buildings, burns mostly fuel oil despite natural gas being cheaper and cleaner, the New York Times reports. The plant has reduced the amount of coal in its mix to 5 percent, from 56 percent in 2007, and … Read more »

Electric Cars Actually Dirtier Than Gasoline Cars?

Electric vehicles are not as clean as they are touted to be, according to a peer-reviewed article published in the IEEE Spectrum. Unclean at Any Speed says despite sweeping public opinion and the billions of dollars in subsidies granted to EV makers, the energy intensive materials used in manufacturing electric … Read more »

Democrats Canvas Walmart, NFL, Apple on Climate Change Strategies

Congressional Democrats’ Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change has written to Google, the NBA, the NFL, Walmart, Wells Fargo, the Clinton Global Initiative and more than 300 other organizations to canvas their opinions on combating global warming. The letter, which was also sent to companies including Whole Foods, Target, Ford, … Read more »

What Delay? New Light Bulbs Hitting Shelves in 2012

We’ve been covering the impending 2012 light bulb regulations since they were first voted into law. Earlier this month, however, Congress passed a last-minute budget deal that included a block on enforcement of the standards until October – leaving some to wonder what’s changed. The short answer is “not much.” … Read more »

ACEEE Chief Calls 2011 Energy Efficiency Progress a Mixed Bag

Efforts to improve energy efficiency progressed in many areas in 2011 while stagnating in others, according to the executive director of American Council For An Energy Efficient Economy. Writing for Internet-based energy community The Energy Collective, Steve Nadel (pictured) says that he is pleased with 2011 investment in energy efficiency. He … Read more »

Waste-To-Energy Briefing: Urine Power, U.S. Capitol, Dynamis and SITA

Urine could be an abundant fuel for electricity generation, according to researchers from the U.K.’s University of the West of England, Bristol. The researchers have found a way of directly producing electricity from urine by injecting it into microbial fuel cells. After the injection of urine, the fuel cells produced … Read more »

U.S. Capitol Pens Waste-to-Energy Contract

The U.S. Capitol is to divert 90 percent of its solid waste from landfills to local waste-to-energy facilities. Congress’s estimated 5,300 tons of annual non-recyclable waste will now fuel local incinerators and put energy back on the grid. The Architect of the Capitol, the federal agency charged with maintaining the … Read more »

Policy & Regulatory Briefing: Fracking, Energy Acts, and EU Moves to Cut GHGs

Democrats and Republicans are blaming different parties for the cost of gasoline, which lingers near the $4 per gallon mark, Market Watch reports. On Tuesday, House Republicans released a report that said the Obama administration has stifled domestic oil and gas production. The report criticised proposed restrictions on the natural gas-drilling … Read more »

EPA Set for 16% Budget Cut

The budget for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be cut by 16 percent under the budget deal struck between Democrats and Republicans, it has emerged. EPA funds would be reduced by about $1.6 billion, Bloomberg reported, based on legislation out this morning. That figure is about half of what … Read more »

GHG Regulations Survive Senate Vote

The Senate yesterday rejected efforts to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. A measure sponsored by Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell received 50 votes, falling short of the 60 it needed to pass, Reuters reported. The Senate rejected three other amendments designed to limit the … Read more »

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