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Partnership Hopes to Develop – and Drive Adoption of – More Sustainable Nylon

Partnership Hopes to Develop – and Drive Adoption of – More Sustainable Nylon

H&M and 11 other companies have come together in an effort dubbed Project Effective, a collaboration meant to produce more sustainable fibers and plastics for commercial use – and to increase adoption of sustainable materials – by using renewable feedstocks and bio based technologies. One of the key objectives of Project Effective is to develop a more sustainable nylon.

Manufacturers May Soon Profit from Bio-Nylon Process

Manufacturers May Soon Profit from Bio-Nylon Process

Materials used by the nylon industry have traditionally been derived from crude oil, but manufacturers will soon be able to create their own “bio-nylon” made from plant-based renewable ingredients: Aquafina and Genomatica have announced an agreement to create sustainable caprolactam, an ingredient

BASF, Genomatica Expand Biochemical Production

BASF and Genomatica have expanded their biochemical license agreement for the production of 1,4-butanediol based on renewable feedstock (renewable BDO) using Genomatica’s patented process. BDO and its derivatives are used for producing plastics, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers for the packaging, automotive, textile, and sports and leisure industries, among … Read more »

BASF Offers Bio-Based PolyTHF

BASF has made bio-based Polytetrahydrofuran 1000 available for the first time and is providing it to selected partners for testing various applications in a large scale. The company says the bio-based PolyTHF 1000 is identical in quality to the petrochemical-based product. PolyTHF is derived from 1,4 butanediol (BDO), which BASF … Read more »

Genomatica’s Biochemicals Closer to Commercialization

Genomatica’s Biochemicals Closer to Commercialization

Genomatica’s integrated biotechnology platform has created microorganisms that achieved a “titer” (concentration of product) of over 50 grams per liter in less than half the time required by its earlier program. This marks an important step on the path toward commercialization and validates the platform’s ability to engineer microorganisms for … Read more »

Chemical Producers’ Sustainability Strategies on the Rise

Chemical Producers’ Sustainability Strategies on the Rise

Eighty-one percent of mainstream chemical producers say it’s very or moderately important to be a front runner in sustainable chemicals, according to a survey by Genomatica and ICIS. In addition, respondents said they viewed BASF, DuPont, Dow, Bayer and Genomatica as the leaders in sustainable technology. The survey drew 958 … Read more »

Clean-Tech Companies Among 2015 Tech Pioneers

Clean-tech companies including Cambrian Innovations, Genomatica and Autogrid are among the 24 Technology Pioneers selected by the World Economic Forum as companies at the forefront of their industries for 2015. As Technology Pioneers, the companies have demonstrated the ability to harness creativity to design and create transformative products and technologies, … Read more »

Genomatica nylon intermediates program

Genomatica to Develop Biobased Nylon Intermediates

Genomatica today announced that major nylon intermediates — including hexamethylenediamine, caprolactam and adipic acid (HMD, CPL and ADA) — are the focus of its third publicly disclosed development program. The biotechnology company is developing complete process technologies for the biobased production of these intermediates, which it will then license to … Read more »

Braskem, Genomatica to Develop Green Chemical

Biopolymer producer Braskem and Genomatica, a biotechnology company, have signed an agreement for the joint development of a new technology for the production of butadiene from renewable feedstocks. Braskem says its objective with the green chemical is to primarily serve the synthetic rubber market, whose demand is currently met by … Read more »

BASF Produces Renewable BDO for Commercial Use

BASF has produced its first commercial volumes of 1,4-butanediol (BDO) from renewable raw material and is offering this product to customers for testing and commercial use. The production process relies on a patented fermentation technology from Genomatica. The California-based biochemical company inked a deal with the German chemical giant earlier … Read more »

Artinel in food packaging

Genomatica Technology Shrinks Eco Footprint of Electronics, Shoes, Packaging

DSM has tested and confirmed that bio-based BDO (1,4-butanediol) made with Genomatica’s process shows equivalent performance as fossil-based BDO. DSM plans to use BDO made with Genomatica’s bio-based process technology in its Arnitel products. Arnitel is a high-performance ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) used in products from food packaging (pictured) to electronics, … Read more »

Green Chemistry Commitment

Universities Sign Green Chemistry Commitment

The University of California-Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Northeastern University and 10 other colleges and universities that have signed the Green Chemistry Commitment, intended to increase the number of green chemists and scientists in the US and the business opportunities available to them. Dow Chemical is an official partner, a Green … Read more »

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